Work Views

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The Work Views page is your one stop shop to view all the work items relevant to one or more teams/projects. The page allows you to easily view and find your work and manage it in one place. You can manage multiple levels of work items for multiple teams and create work views. Views can be saved for quick access.

The Work Views page can be used to replace the work that you do on the following pages:

  • User Stories
  • Defects
  • Backlog
  • Portfolio Items

Work items on all of these pages can be easily viewed and managed on the Work Views page.

Work Views screen

The Work Views page includes:

Select Projects and Work Item Types

Select at least one project and work item to get started using the page. You can select multiple projects and work item types to display.

Select any project or multiple projects across the workspace. Quickly access pinned projects or access the entire project hierarchy by selecting Browse All Projects.

Multiple child projects can be selected for an extensive display of work items in your project hierarchy. Shift + click to select child items.

You can also select multiple work item types, regardless of hierarchy. Tasks will only display as children of work items.

Duplicate work items may display on the grid. For example, if you select both user story and portfolio item work items, a user story may display under the feature and as a stand-alone user story. You can alleviate this issue by adding a filter to only show features and un-parented user stories.

Duplicate user stories displayed on Work Views grid

Filter Work Items

Click Manage Filters to refine the results on the page. Multi-select from the drop-down or enter search criteria to add filters. Once you've selected all applicable filter types, click Apply.

Next, populate the selected filters. The grid will automatically display work items based on your filters.

The selected filters display at the top of the grid. Use the drop-down field multi-select values for the selected filters. The work items on the grid automatically populate as you select values. The drop-down lists selected and available values. Select the No Entry option to display work items that do not have a field value.


  • Filter options are the union of all fields for parent items, including hidden items.
  • Filters function as OR within the same attribute; AND between attributes.
  • Filters only apply to work items for a field if valid. For example, STATE = OPEN will not filter out user stories as this field is not valid for user stories.

To clear selected filters, click the Reset button.

Customize How Work Items Display

You have several options for modifying work items on the page, including:

Customize Columns

Select the column picker icon. Columns will display even if a field is hidden for a project or work item. Hidden fields can be edited inline and bulk edited. Columns will show -- if not applicable for a work item. Search or scroll to select columns you want to display on the grid. Click Apply to confirm your selections.

Work Views Show columns

Reorder Columns

You can reorder columns (except for Rank, ID, and Name) by dragging and dropping the column header to the new location.

Drag and Drop

You can use drag and drop to reparent or re-rank work items.

  • Dropping an item onto another item (target) attempts to reparent it to the target. If the target item is allowed to have a child item, it highlights as an available target.
  • Dropping an item between items re-ranks it.

A drop operation is allowed if the target (either a work item or the line between items) highlights as an available target. Otherwise, the dragged item goes back to its original position.

Bulk Edit

Select multiple work items, then select the pencil icon to edit fields across work items.

You can select up to four values to update across the checked work items. You can only bulk edit fields that apply to all work items selected on the grid. Hidden fields are available on the bulk edit list of fields and can be edited. Learn more.

Bulk Delete

Select one or more work items and click the trash can icon to delete multiple work items at one time.

Note: Bulk deleting work items from other pages uses a different process. Learn more.

Save Your View

Click the Save icon to save your modifications to the Work Views page so you can view them later.

Enter a name for the view, then click Save.

Manage Saved Views

Access all your saved views from the drop-down. You can also create a new view from the drop-down.

Change your view by selecting a new view from the dropdown. Save as a new view, rename your view, or delete by clicking the icons in the sidebar.

Add New Work Items

Note: The option to add a new work item is only available when you select at least one item from both the Projects and Work Item Types drop-down menus.

If your page is already populated with work items, select a value from either the Work Item Types or Projects drop-down. Then, click the + Add New button.

Work Views Add New

To enable the quick add Create button, at least one value from both the Work Item Types and Projects drop-downs must be selected. To Create with Details, only one value from either the Work Item Types or Projects drop-down must be selected.

Complete the required fields for the work item in editable detail page and click Save. The newly created work item will only display on the grid if it matches selected filters.


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