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Rally systematically captures each field-level change any time you edit or update a work item, and records changes on a Revisions page.

Each time a change is made, the revision number of the work item is automatically incremented, and the date, time, and the name of the team member who authored the change are inserted into the history. Use the Change Description field to add a comment or description of the change in the editor window. Both the system-generated and user comments display on the Revisions page.

Revision triggers

There are multiple circumstances which prompt a revision to be created for a work item in Rally. In some instances, the system automatically generates the revision, and in other cases a user action initiates the revision by editing a work item.

The following table displays the triggers that produce a revision:

Work item Revision trigger
All work items
  • Any direct edit or update of a work item
  • Add or remove attachments
  • Multi-edit from Actions.
Releases and iterations Add, remove, delete work items
Test cases Add test case result
  • Any direct edit or update of a workspace
  • Changing a work item field to required or optional
  • Changing a work item field to hidden or visible


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