Utilization Chart

Important!: This app is being deprecated on September 17, 2018. Learn more.

The Utilization Chart app measures total task hours in an iteration, divided by the estimated capacity for the iteration, to get a utilization rating that can be intuitively read by any stakeholders as a percentage.

Utilization Chart


Features include:

  • View up to the last 15 iterations, where capacity values have been entered
  • View the average utilization rate of iterations on the chart
  • Hover over bars in the graph to see detailed statistics on the iteration
  • Hover over a point on the line to view the utilization rate trend
  • Print the chart from the App Tools drop-down menu
  • Use the Auto Height setting to automatically adjust the vertical space of the app based on the amount of visible data

Note: Iterations are retrieved only for the currently-selected project; child projects are not included.

Basis of utilization rate

The purpose of the Utilization Chart is to help teams focus on their cadence and help to keep them from incurring the quality issues that can occur when they are over committed. If the team is too far over or under 100% utilization, that information can be used as a cue to make needed improvements to iteration backlog refinement and planning.

The chart can also help to identify problems where teams are under-committed due to poor planning or scope change.


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