User Management Helper

The Rally–User Management kit is an enhanced toolset for Rally subscription administrators who want to bulk create and update users in their Rally subscription, enable and disable users, and assign permissions.

Rally–User Management provides the following updates and enhancements from the original user_mgmt toolkit:

  • Updated to use rally_api gem instead of rally_rest_api
  • rally_api greatly improves speed and reliability
  • Provides bulk permission management granular to projects (original provisioned at the workspace level only)

Rally–User Management requires:

  • Ruby 1.9.3
  • rally_api 0.9.1 or higher
  • You can install rally_api and dependent gems by using: gem install rally_api

The Rally–User Management toolkit takes a set of users formatted in a Tab-Delimited text file and performs the following functions:

  • Creates the users in your Rally subscription if they do not exist
  • Assigns and updates permissions to users across workspaces and projects
  • Assigns and updates team memberships for users across projects
  • Enables or disables user in your Rally subscription


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