Upcoming On-Premises Features & Release Schedule

New features and defect fixes proposed for the next CA Agile Central On-Premises Release may be found in the sections below. Please note that included features and defect fixes are subject to change before a release is finalized. The items below have been released to CA Agile Central On-Demand since the 2015.2 On-Premises release.

Note: If you do not have internet access, the url to access online help for On-Premises is https://<ip-address>/help/user - where <ip-address> is the address of your On-Premises CA Agile Central installation location.

Next release of CA Agile Central On-Premises

CA Agile Central strives to release our On-Premises edition approximately once per quarter. It is difficult to predict with precision a release date, because we take our fully tested SaaS application and snapshot it directly into a VM for distribution. There may be synchronization issues between ALM features and On-Premises features that can shift the version of ALM we pick for the release. Once we have a release candidate we take a week to ensure that the release meets our stringent quality requirements.

Advanced filtering

The advanced filtering component provides additional features, such as search, quick filters, and custom filter conditions. Many users will find the advanced filtering component to be a quick and easy way to create advanced searches, similar to the functionality provided by Custom App Queries.

This component is available from the following locations:

Beta multi-value custom fields

Subscription and workspace administrators can now create multi-value custom fields for users. These fields are configured in the Field editor pop-up window after you select Drop Down List (Multi Value) as the type of field.

Once configured by an admin, the multi-value drop-down list will be available on the same pages that can contain custom fields, which includes:

  • Detail pages
  • Grids
  • Boards
  • New advanced search component

Rich-text field templates

We've upgraded rich-text fields in editable detail pages with the ability to create and save personal templates. Now you can quickly save and recall content for repetitive entries such as acceptance criteria, checklists, and other forms.

Saved and shared views on the Iteration Status page

Customize your view on the Iteration Status page, and then save your settings with the new saved and shared views component. When you save a view, your custom filters, column selection, size, position, width, and sorting changes are also saved. Admins can also share saved views with other users by project and workspace.

Expanded custom field support

Now you can create custom fields on more work items and objects in your subscription. The following items have been updated to support custom fields: Iterations, Milestones, Projects, Releases, Test Case Results, Defect Suites, and Workspaces.

Fields summary page


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