Upcoming On-Premises Features & Release Schedule

New features and defect fixes proposed for the next Rally On-Premises Release may be found in the sections below. Please note that included features and defect fixes are subject to change before a release is finalized. The items below have been released to Rally On-Demand since the 2014.3 On-Premises release.

Note: If you do not have internet access, the url to access online help for On-Premises is https://<ip-address>/help/user - where <ip-address> is the address of your On-Premises Rally installation location.

Next release of Rally On-Premises

Rally strives to release our On-Premises edition approximately once per quarter. It is difficult to predict with precision a release date, because we take our fully tested SaaS application and snapshot it directly into a VM for distribution. There may be synchronization issues between ALM features and On-Premises features that can shift the version of ALM we pick for the release. Once we have a release candidate we take a week to ensure that the release meets our stringent quality requirements.


Unlimited and Enterprise Edition features:

Click here to learn more about Rally editions and pricing.

Swimlanes on Kanban, Iteration Tracking, and Portfolio Kanban boards

Note: Swimlanes for the Kanban Board and Iteration Tracking Board were included in the 2014.3 On-Premises release. Swimlanes for the Portfolio Kanban Board will be added to the 2015.1 On-Premises release.

Swimlanes are horizontal rows that can be applied to a board for a team to easily visualize work items by category or sub-process. If your admin has created them for your workspace, you can choose custom fields to be used as swimlanes on the board, as long as the custom fields exist on all portfolio item types. Common uses on a program-level board includes grouping work by marketable and non-marketable work or work grouped by parent portfolio items.

To add a swimlane:

  • Click the Actions gear menu on the top right of the board and select Settings.
  • Select the Swimlanes checkbox.
  • Select the type of swimlane you want to set up from the dropdown menu.
  • Click Save at the bottom of the settings pane to save changes and create your swimlane.

For the Portfolio Kanban Board, common usage for swimlanes includes investment, category, parent, or custom fields. For the Team Kanban Board, the most common usage is to add an Expedite swimlane. You can use this swimlane to visualize a single work item that is allowed to violate work in progress (WIP) limits. This work item receives priority treatment over other work items in a column.


Demo video

Watch the video below for a demo and some examples on using swimlanes, presented by Rally Product Owner Steve Stolt:

5 minutes

Blog post

Learn some tips and tricks and how to get more out of Portfolio Kanban with swimlanes from Rally's Catherine Connor.

AppSDK 2.0rc3

A new version of App SDK is now available. AppSDK 2.0rc3 includes enhanced documentation, better examples, upgraded support libraries, and improved tooling.

Features include:

Check out the blog post to learn more about the new release of App SDK.

Custom Grid app is now called Custom List app

Rally will be enhancing the Custom Grid app with improved filtering and add new work item functionality. To reflect these updates, the Custom Grid app has been renamed to Custom List, which can be found in the App Catalog.

Easily track, view and recover Milestones

Last year, Rally introduced the ability to use milestones to help organizations plan and deliver the right work at the right time. The reception from our customers has been overwhelming positive, and from early usage and feedback, we’ve implemented several key enhancements that will make the use of milestones in Rally even more powerful.

These include capabilities to:

  • Plan and track milestones directly from a milestone’s detail page, now a central hub for managing work related to important business milestones from the Timeboxes page.
  • Associate work items with a milestone by selecting the Choose button on a the Scheduled tab of the Milestone editable detail page.
  • Visualize progress of work specific to selected milestones in Rally’s Portfolio Timeline view, helping stakeholders understand progress and guide scope.
  • Easily recover deleted milestones from the Recycle Bin, including their feature and story associations.

Using all of the timeboxes supported in Rally - milestones, releases, and iterations - you can develop on a predictable cadence and release to meet market-driven demand.

Blog post

You can read more about milestones and other new exciting features in the New Features for Speed,Visibility, and Scale blog post by Rally's Steve Wolfe.

New Iteration Status page now generally available

Rally’s new Iteration Status page provides breakthrough features and technology that empowers teams to manage their daily work with a comprehensive view of critical, real-time information about their plans and progress. We worked with hundreds of beta testers to tweak, refine, and improve our old page to make it fast, simple, and powerful - all at the same time.

The Iteration Status Page is the central hub teams in Rally come together around to manage their daily work. All of the editing, status and reporting needed is on one page, eliminating the need to navigate around to different pages. Use the Iteration Status Page for reviewing progress or for real-time facilitation of stand-up meetings.

Rally's beta Iteration Status page is now available to all users. You can no longer switch back to the legacy Iteration Status page. The new page has a number of advantages over the legacy page. You can now do the following:

  • View stories, defects, defect suites, and test sets on one page
  • View and edit work on a list view or board
  • Add, reorder, or remove columns on the list
  • Add, reorder, or remove fields from cards on the board
  • One-click to edit fields in the list view or board

Demo video

Watch the video below for a demo of the page, and preview how we're using some new features to provide consistency throughout the application:

5 minutes

Blog post

Learn why the Iteration Status page is The Rally Page Teams Can't Live Without.

For additional information on how to use the new page, including how to use both list and board views, you can view the Iteration Status page help content.

New features added to Backlog, Defect Suites, and Recycle Bin pages

Rally has updated the Backlog, Defect Suites, and Recycle Bin pages with new components as found on the Iteration Status page.

On the Backlog page, you can now:

  • click the Filter filter icon and select any column headings to add (including your own custom fields). You can also select which work items to show on the page.
  • click the Show Columns show icon to select columns to display on the page.
  • click the Import/Export/Print import export icon to import, export and print.

On the Defect Suites page, you can now:

  • click the Filter filter icon and select any column headings to add (including your own custom fields).
  • click the Show Columns show icon to select columns to display on the page.
  • click the Import/Export/Print import export icon to export and print.
  • click the Add New button to easily add a new defect suite
  • inline add a child or peer work item from the gear menu
  • rank work items with drag-and-drop
  • change a work item’s rank from the gear menu
  • delete a work item from the gear menu

On the Recycle Bin page, you can now:

  • click the Filter filter icon and select any column headings to add (including your own custom fields).
  • click the Show Columns show icon to select columns to display on the page.


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