Upcoming On-Premises Features & Release Schedule

New features and defect fixes proposed for the next Rally On-Premises Release may be found in the sections below. Please note that included features and defect fixes are subject to change before a release is finalized. The items below have been released to Rally On-Demand since the 2015.1 On-Premises release.

Note: If you do not have internet access, the url to access online help for On-Premises is https://<ip-address>/help/user - where <ip-address> is the address of your On-Premises Rally installation location.

Next release of Rally On-Premises

Rally strives to release our On-Premises edition approximately once per quarter. It is difficult to predict with precision a release date, because we take our fully tested SaaS application and snapshot it directly into a VM for distribution. There may be synchronization issues between ALM features and On-Premises features that can shift the version of ALM we pick for the release. Once we have a release candidate we take a week to ensure that the release meets our stringent quality requirements.


Unlimited and Enterprise Edition features:

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Custom List enhancements

Rally has updated the Custom List app, formerly known as the Custom Grid. The Custom List is a powerful tool to manage work across enterprise teams. Use the Custom List app to prepare, plan and track portfolios, programs and development work.

The Control Bar displays by default on the Custom List app. When the Control Bar is selected, the following capabilities are available:

  • Add new work items to the list
  • Select filters to apply to the list
  • Filter items in the list by owner
  • Select columns to display on the list
  • Export, import, print
  • Pagination (displays if there are 10 or more work items)

Improved roll-ups and access to test case results from Iteration Status page

The Iteration Status page has been updated to better support test case, test case result, and test set reporting. Test case results are easier to create directly from board or list views, and values roll-up according to the selected iteration.


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