Upcoming On-Premises Features & Release Schedule

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New features and defect fixes proposed for the next Rally On-Premises Release may be found in the sections below. Please note that included features and defect fixes are subject to change before a release is finalized. The items below have been released to Rally On-Demand since the 2014.3 On-Premises release.

Note: If you do not have internet access, the url to access online help for On-Premises is https://<ip-address>/help/user - where <ip-address> is the address of your On-Premises Rally installation location.

Next release of Rally On-Premises

Rally strives to release our On-Premises edition approximately once per quarter. It is difficult to predict with precision a release date, because we take our fully tested SaaS application and snapshot it directly into a VM for distribution. There may be synchronization issues between ALM features and On-Premises features that can shift the version of ALM we pick for the release. Once we have a release candidate we take a week to ensure that the release meets our stringent quality requirements.

New Features

Unlimited and Enterprise Edition features:

Click here to learn more about Rally editions and pricing.

Swimlanes on the Kanban Board and Iteration Tracking Board

Swimlanes are horizontal rows that can be applied to a board for a team to easily visualize work items by category or sub-process. Admins can choose custom fields to be used as swimlanes on the Kanban Board.

To add a swimlane:

  • Click the Actions gear menu in the top right of the board and select Settings.
  • Select the Swimlanes checkbox.
  • Select the type of swimlane you want to set up from the drop-down menu.
  • Click Save at the bottom of the settings pane to save changes and create your swimlane.

Swimlane settings

The most common usage is to add an Expedite swimlane. You can use this swimlane to visualize a single work item that is allowed to violate work in progress (WIP) limits. This work item receives priority treatment over other work items in a column.


Rally Portfolio Manager: Portfolio Kanban now a Rally core page

In addition to being available as an app, the Portfolio Kanban is now available as a page in Rally under TrackPortfolio Kanban.

Additionally, the Portfolio Kanban has been enhanced to include the following features:

  • Now you can set the Portfolio Item type without having to access the Settings menu. Select the drop-down menu to select the Type.

  • Select Portfolio Item Type

  • Select the fields to display by clicking the Show on Cards icon on the main page or app.

  • Show on Cards

New Release Planning board/page

Rally has released a new Release Planning board/page, which is available in the Rally App Catalog or as a page under PortfolioRelease Planning. Release Planning facilitates release preparation and the planning process at the program level.

Release Planning Board

Release Planning features:

  • View the Release Capacity for each release, which is a calculation of the total number of feature points divided by the release velocity
  • Schedule lowest level portfolio items into a release by drag-and-drop from the Backlog column to a Release column
  • Search for portfolio items to schedule in the backlog
  • Quickly add and update portfolio items
  • Select any portfolio item fields you want to display on the cards
  • Filter by any field on the portfolio item

AppSDK 2.0rc3

Rally has released a new version of App SDK. AppSDK 2.0rc3 includes enhanced documentation, better examples, upgraded support libraries, and improved tooling.

Features include:

Check out the blog post to learn more about the new release of App SDK.

Defect fixes

  • DE17402 - Split story does not include tags on an unfinished story
  • DE20561 - Inline edits on some pages are not displayed
  • DE21489 - Creating a new user story with an iteration of Unscheduled on the Release Summary displays error message
  • DE21954 - Incorrect validation error message when attempting to enter negative values via WSAPI
  • DE21966 - Error when uploading a large batch of user stories or tasks on the backlog or user stories pages
  • DE22110 - Kanban Board filter by tags broken due to change in Web Services API
  • DE22296 - Unable to query wsjfScore field in custom grids


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