Troubleshooting for On-Premises

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Troubleshooting for On-Premises includes the following:

Save mail server settings

If you cannot save your mail server settings, this is usually due to incorrect mail hostname or the DNS was not setup properly.

Gaps in burndown charts

Gaps in the burndown charts sometimes occurs when the analytics process is not running, or if it is in a bad state at midnight (of the workspace timezone). The reporting data collection process will not run, resulting in data gaps or missing days in reports. This can be remedied by a screen-share with a member of the Rally Support team. Please contact Support if there are gaps in your reports.

Enterprise and Unlimited editions

If your About in On-Premises says Enterprise edition when you purchased Unlimited edition, this field in the About link is not referring to your Rally Edition, rather, it is a static field that is always set to Rally Enterprise. The Subscription List feature in the Control Panel will have a list of the modules that have been enabled for your Rally Subscription.



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