Traceability Matrix

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The Traceability Matrix app allows you to show traceability from product requirements to the test cases that prove their implementation and the corresponding results.

This app uses tags. To get started, you need to tag user stories that represent your Product Requirements Documents by tagging them PRD.

This app also requires two custom fields for user stories: Risk and Source. An administrator can add these fields.

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Traceability Matrix

When you first open the Traceability Matrix app, a chooser with only stories tagged as PRD display. When you select a story, it closes the chooser and displays two tables with data related to the chosen story.

Note: This app should be considered as a starting point to meet your organization's unique requirements. You may need to modify the app code further to implement specific features that best help your team. For more information on customizing apps, contact your account representative, see our developer portal.

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