Trac was one of the first issue trackers to feature an excellent timeline view of the project. Use the Trac integration to bring the information from that timeline into your internal discussions.

The recommended way to integrate Trac is to have it send e-mail notifications to your flow:

  1. Open your trac.ini configuration file.
  2. Add the smtp_always_cc option and provide it with your flow's email address.

    Find the address from your flow's settings on the Integrations tab.

    Your configuration file should look similar to this:

    smtp_enabled = true
    smtp_server = 
    smtp_from = 
    smtp_replyto = 
    smtp_always_cc = 
  3. Add +tag to the email address to automatically tag all the messages with a specific tag. In the above example, all the messages are tagged with the #trac tag.


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