Test Case Pass/Fail History

Important!: This app is being deprecated on September 17, 2018. Learn more.

The Test Case Pass/Fail History app provides a means of displaying test cases associated with a workspace along with the test case results. Using this app, you can easily observe the state of each test case and the tester for each test case result. The test case, the associated story, and each test case result item has a hyperlink to the detail page of the work item, enabling easy access to supplementary information.

Test Case Pass/Fail History

Features include:

  • View test case FormattedID and Name fields, which provide links to the item's detail page
  • View associated user story (if applicable) FormattedID and Name fields with links to details
  • View test case result data underneath each test case
    • Sorted in reverse chronological order
    • View ID, Build, Date and Time, Verdict, and Tester fields
    • Click the ID link to navigate to the test case result details page
  • Print the app contents from the App Tools drop-down menu
  • Use the Auto Height setting to automatically adjust the vertical space of the app based on the amount of visible data

  • Only test cases with test case results that have been generated in the last 30 days are shown
  • Project scoping settings in the Edit Settings menu are ignored; all test cases in the workspace are displayed


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