Test Case Estimation

Important!: This app is being deprecated on September 17, 2018. Learn more.

CA Agile Central's approach is to create a task under the user story for testing tasks and associate the test cases to the user stories. But you can use this app to track the team's effectiveness at estimating the amount of effort by test case. As you enter the data on test cases, the app will roll the results up.

Test Case Estimation

Set up the app

Prior to using the Test Case Estimation app, you must create three custom fields for test cases in your workspace:

  • Test Case Estimate
    • Display Name: TestCaseEstimate
    • Type: Decimal
  • Test Case To Do
    • Display Name: TestCaseToDo
    • Type: Decimal
  • Test Case Actual
    • Display Name: TestCaseActual
    • Type: Decimal


Chart data

A chart displays at the top of the app, detailing the total values for the Test Case Estimate, To Do, and Actual fields. Hover over bars in the chart to see detailed information on each total.

Table data

The FormattedID and Name of each test case in the app displays. Click on the highlighted link to navigate to a test case's detail page.

A breakdown of the Test Case Estimate, To Do, and Actuals fields displays to the right of each test case.

The most recent test case result verdict displays to the right of each test case.

Totals for the Test Case Estimate, To Do, and Actuals fields can be found at the bottom of the table.


You may print the app contents from the Actions menu in the upper-right corner.

Additional features

Use the Auto Height setting to automatically adjust the vertical space of the app based on the amount of visible data


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