Task Board

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The Task Board app provides you with a way to view and update tasks during your daily standup meeting.

Task Board


  • View tasks in rows next to their associated user stories
  • Use drag-and-drop controls to quickly change the state of a task
  • Edit the Estimate, To Do, Owner, and State fields without leaving the board
  • Delete tasks
  • View blocked tasks
  • Filter content by owner, accepted state, and iteration
  • Use the Auto Height setting to automatically adjust the vertical space of the app based on the amount of visible data

Watch an overview video of the Task Board.

Note: The overview video shows current functionality of the Task Board app, but was recorded in a previous version of the Rally interface. For updated instructions on how to install the app, see Create a Custom Page.

Use the Task Board

Action How To
Change task status Drag-and-drop a task card from one state column to another.
Edit task fields Click the pencil icon in the upper-left of the task card. In the pop-up editor, you can edit the Estimate, To Do, Owner, and State fields. Click Save to confirm your changes.
Delete a task Click the trashcan icon in the upper-left of the task card. The task is recoverable from the Recycle Bin.
View user stories and tasks from another iteration Click the Change Iteration drop-down menu and choose an available iteration from the list.
Filter by work item owner Click the Show work owned by drop-down menu and choose a team member name. User stories and tasks in the iteration owned by the team member display.
Hide accepted user stories Select the Hide accepted work checkbox.
Block and unblock tasks When a task is blocked the card displays with a red border and a stop sign icon to the lower-right.
Blocked task
Click the pencil icon to launch the task editor. To block a task, double-click one of the state icons in the editor window. The icon changes from green to red. To unblock, double-click a blocked state icon in the editor window. Click Save to confirm your changes.
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