Super Customizable Program Chart

The Super Customizable Program Chart app allows you to see burndown data from several types of views. Customization options include: stacked bar, grouped bar, line or area display, story or task units, selectable colors, ideal lines, trend lines, and any combination of schedule states.

Note: The term program in this app refers to a collection of related component releases, which can be re-used in multiple application releases. This help page is intended for users who have access to a deprecated CA Agile Central feature that assists in managing component releases included in application releases.

If you would like to manage a program—a collection of projects sharing a common business goal and release cadence—we recommend using CA Agile Central Portfolio Manager.

The Super Customizable Program Chart takes related component releases and combines their chart data into one view.

Super Customizable Program Chart

Chart types

You may select from several different types of charts to view release data. Click one of the chart icons to change the view:

  • Stacked bar
  • Bar
  • Line
  • Area
  • Burndown

Data options

Below the Chart Type section, specify the data used to draw the chart.

Schedule states

Select the checkbox next to each Schedule State field value to display on the chart. Next to the schedule state name is a drop-down menu to select what color the value uses. The Trend checkbox to the right of each schedule state will draw a line on the chart based on past daily statistics, showing you the rate at which work is being moved into that state.

Ideal lines

Select one of the checkboxes in the Ideal Lines section to display a line that shows the ideal rate of completing work during the course of the release. The line calculates the total amount of story or task work scheduled in the release, then divides that figure by the total number of days.

This is helpful during the middle of an release to see if your team is completing and accepting work at a rate sufficient to finish by the release end date.

The Burndown To Do option trends downward left-to-right, while the Burnup Accepted option trends right-to-left.

Unit options

Three different options are available for displaying the amount of work in the chart. Select one of the radio buttons to change the scope of the y-axis:

  • The Story option draws the chart using the Plan Estimate field of user stories
  • The Task option draws the chart using the Task Estimate field of tasks
  • The To Do option draws the chart using the To Do field of tasks

Note: For the Burndown chart type, the unit type is defaulted to To Do, as a burndown displays both remaining to do task hours and accepted story estimate points in the same chart.

Data table

Select the Show Data Table checkbox to display a day-by-day breakdown of work in each schedule state in a table format. All schedule states will display. Data in the table will adjust according to your unit option selection.

Other features

Use the Program drop-down menu to view other programs in your workspace.

To print the chart, select Print from the Actions drop-down menu in the upper-right corner.


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