The Rally Connector for Subversion

IMPORTANT: This page describes the legacy and unsupported version of the Subversion connector. For the latest supported version, please go to Subversion VCS page.

The Rally connector for Subversion inspects the contents of a checkin comment and creates a changeset in Rally associated to the Rally artifact, creates changes for each affected file, and optionally updates the state of the Rally artifact.

For example, if a developer checks in two files with the commit message Fixed DE17, the Subversion connector creates a changeset for the checkin revision, creates two change objects for the affected files, links the changeset to the defect, and sets the state of Defect 17 as Fixed.

The Subversion connector has been updated to work with our new build and changeset infrastructure. It supports the new changeset, change, and SCMRepository objects as well as linking the changeset to a Rally artifact.

Supported Version: Unsupported
Cost: Free


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