Subscription Migration

A subscription migration is needed to move existing subscriptions from our Trial stack to our Production stack. A common example of this situation occurs when a customer using a CA Agile Central Community edition subscription decides to upgrade to an Express, Enterprise, or Unlimited edition. When this occurs, we will migrate the subscription to our rally (Production) infrastructure. Users will notice improved performance and app availability, along with a new login URL. A user's login credentials remain the same.

CA Agile Central Data Movement Services will guide you through the subscription migration process. At a high level, here's what will happen:

  1. You submit a signed order form to your CA Agile Central Account Representative for the new subscription.
  2. CA Agile Central Data Movement Services will contact you to schedule a migration time and date.
  3. CA Agile Central Data Movement Services will perform the subscription migration and will contact you after the migration to confirm your subscription has been successfully migrated.

During scheduling, CA Agile Central Data Movement Services will re-confirm with you that all your subscription administrators (and user base) are aware of planned downtime to perform the migration.

Subscription migrations take place on weekdays between 5PM - 7PM ET and weekends between 10AM - 10PM MT. Migrations can run up to 90 minutes, and typically take less than 30 minutes. You will be notified as soon as the migration is complete, indicating that your subscription is available for use.



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