Subscription Merge

A subscription merge moves all data from one subscription (the source subscription) into another subscription (the destination subscription). All workspaces from the source subscription are moved to the destination with their source subscription workspace names.

CA Support will guide you through the subscription merge process. At a high level, here's what will happen:

  1. You contact your CA Agile Central Account Representative for the for the merge authorized, and complete any necessary paperwork.
  2. CA Support will contact you to schedule a merge time and date.
  3. CA Support will perform the subscription merge and will contact you after the merge to confirm your subscription has been successfully migrated.

During scheduling, CA Support will re-confirm with you that all your subscription administrators (and user base) are aware of planned downtime to perform the merge.

Subscription merges can take place on weekdays between 5 PM - 7 PM ET and typically require between two and three hours of downtime, which may vary depending upon amount of data being moved. Users will not have access to either the source or destination subscription during the merge time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does a subscription merge work?

A: At a high level, we move (copy) all of the subscription data from the source subscription into the destination subscription. A simplified before and diagram looks like this:



Q: How many licenses do I need to do a subscription merge?

A: The merge process takes into account the number of seats from each subscription and accounts for them in the merged destination. That is, total license count increases in the destination subscription to account for the source subscription seats as well.

Q: Can I merge an Unlimited subscription into an Enterprise subscription?

A: Both source and destination subscriptions must contain the same product and have the same contract stop dates. If this is not the case, be sure to address this with your sales representative.

Q: What happens if the password policies between the source and destination subscriptions are different?

A: If the source subscription has weaker password policies than the destination subscription, the users from the source subscription are prompted at the time of login into the merged subscription to change their password due to the strength change. If the destination subscription has weaker password policies, then the new password prompt does not occur.

Q: What permissions will the workspace administrators of the source subscription have after the merge?

A: Workspace administrators of the source subscription become workspace administrators of the destination subscription after the merge.

Q: What happens if the two subscriptions have duplicate workspace names?

A: Best practice is to update your workspace names to be unique prior to merging.

Q: What happens if the enabled modules are different in the two subscriptions?

A: Best practice is to review enabled modules in both subscriptions prior to the merge and enable all that are needed in the destination subscription.

Q: Will my subscription be available during the merge?

A: No, both subscriptions have to be closed during the merge process.

Q: What if something went wrong with the merge?

A: CA Agile Central will be able to restore your data from a backup should there be any issues with your merge.



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