Stories by Creator

The Stories by Creator app provides brief information about the stories in a release, ordered by the story creator. After selecting a release from the drop-down menu, information about each story in the release is assembled for display in a tabular format.

Stories by Creator

Features include:

  • View all user stories in a given release, ordered by story creator
  • View FormattedID, Name, Schedule State, Date Created, Created By, Owner, and Accepted By fields
    • The Accepted By field is populated if the story has a state of Accepted
  • Sort data by a field on the chart by clicking a column header
  • View past and future releases using the Select A Release drop-down menu
  • Print app contents from the App Tools drop-down menu
  • Use the Auto Height setting to automatically adjust the vertical space of the app based on the amount of visible data

Note: This app will only retrieve stories associated with a release. If repeated executions with different release selections do not retrieve stories you know exist, check to see if those missing stories are not associated with a release.


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