Specify Idea Details

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Set up default information for posting and managing ideas.

The Ideas tab has five pages:

Specify idea details

Use the Ideas page to set up features related to ideas. Specify what fields to check for duplicates, what actions to allow for community members, and whether to allow demote voting in addition to promote voting.

Select the My Favorites checkbox to enable users to assign ideas to their My Favorites list. You must also set up My Favorites as an idea list tab.

Set up categories

Use the Categories page to set up the categories from which you will choose when organizing ideas. The character limit for a category name is 50; however, Rally recommends you limit the name to 30 characters or it will be cut off in the dashboard's Category Distribution chart.

Set up statuses

Use the Statuses page to set up statuses that you will use to communicate the progress of ideas to community members.

Customize the submission form

Use the Submission Form page to customize the submission form used by community members to post ideas. To make changes to the form, click the Edit Form icon.

  • To add a question, click Add Question, then select the format for your question. Specify your details on the form that is presented and click Done to save your changes.
  • To edit a question, click the Edit link to the right of the question. Click Done to save your changes.
  • To remove a question, click the Remove Question link to the right of the question.
  • To change the order of questions, move them up or down on the page by dragging the blue bar to the left of the question. Click Save Order to save your changes.


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