Description and Benefits:For SharePoint customers who want to radiate CA Agile Central information throughout their organization, CA Agile Central's Login-Component-Example (LoginKey) feature enables the viewing of CA Agile Central apps and reports without the need to manually present user credentials. This is especially useful for executives and managers who are not CA Agile Central users but wish to view the status and health of development projects from their SharePoint dashboards.

We strongly recommend only using this feature for displaying information on internal systems that already require authentication. The LoginKey feature accesses CA Agile Central through the encoded (not encrypted) username and password of a read-only CA Agile Central user. The encoded username and password are embedded in a Javascript file that is delivered to the browser.

The code, download package, installation, and user guides can be found on CA Agile Central's Login-Component-Example (LoginKey) Github repository.

Cost: Free


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