Set Up On-Premises

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Setting up On-Premises includes the following:

Server requirements

  • VMWare platform with 64-bit support (includes ESX 3.5.x and ESX 4.0 (vSphere)
  • 64-bit capable processors with hardware virtualization (Intel® VT-d, AMD AMD-V)
  • Complete checklist for 64-bit guest support
  • At least 6.0 GB of RAM for Rally’s use (or at least 6 GB RAM for a server dedicated to Rally)
    • Rally recommends 8–12 GB of RAM for improved performance for subscriptions that may serve a higher volume of requests
  • 150 GB of disk space for Rally’s VMware image
  • A DVD-ROM drive or network access to a server with a DVD-ROM drive (if you received the VMware image on a DVD disk)

Time zone

The time zone on the On-Premises appliance is always set to Mountain Time zone and cannot be changed.

Customize the login page

To customize your login page, go to the Control Panel → User Messaging → Rally Login Banner. The Rally Server Administrator can use the Rally Login Banner to enter either a bulleted list or message that displays on the Rally login page. Markup text (HTML or XML) is not supported.

Install 3rd party applications

Rally highly discourages the installation of any 3rd party applications on the Rally On-Premises appliance. Any modification to the architecture or configuration changes to the appliance would nullify the Rally support agreement.

View the license usage report

After you install the license file and restart the Rally application, the usage report displays as a new tab under the Setup page within Rally. Have a subscription administrator click the Contact Support link in the application and request a license with the Usage Report feature enabled.



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