Report Blocked Work

The Blocked field in CA Agile Central provides an easy way for you to identify problems with current team work. Any time an issue outside your team's control prevents progress, you should mark the work item as blocked to notify team members and other stakeholders.

Blocked status may be applied to many CA Agile Central work items, including:

  • User stories
  • Defects
  • Defect suites
  • Tasks
  • Test sets

Blocked status can also roll-up to work items that are related to the work item. The following table details what relationships share blocks:

Item blocked Related items also blocked
  • User story
  • Defect
  • Test set
Child user story
    Parent user stories

Mark a work item as blocked

There are multiple ways to mark a work item as blocked:

  • While viewing the work item on a summary page, such as Task Iteration Status, double-click the current Schedule State icon, turning it red.
  • To manually set a blocked status, open an editor window for the work item, and select the Blocked checkbox.
  • Where to set blocked status in editor

  • To add a blocked status to a work item from a board app, such as Iteration Tracking, hover over the work item card and click the block icon. You can also block a task from the card details display.
  • Block a card

  • To add a blocked status to a work item from the backlog or a grid, such as the custom grid, click the icon in the Blocked column.
  • To add a blocked status to a work item on grids such as the user stories page, or the defects page, double-click the row where you want to enter the blocked reason, then click the icon in the Blocked column. Click the confirm icon to save the blocked reason.

Explain a blocked status

Use the Blocked Reason field to record why a work item was marked blocked. When editing with a full editor window, the Blocked Reason field is directly below the Blocked checkbox.

Blocked Reason

When setting a block on a card from a board app, the Blocked Reason field will display. You may begin typing in the field after clicking the block icon. When you unblock a card, the Blocked Reason field will automatically clear itself.

To set a work item as blocked on the backlog page or a grid, click the blocked icon and enter a Blocked Reason in the pop-up when prompted.

View blocked work items

When a work item is blocked, the Schedule State field is red on summary pages. You may use custom views on summary pages to show only blocked work items.

The Revisions page displays an entry when a block is placed. This will also reveal the date, time, and user that set the block.

Sample revision history showing block

You can use the Blocked Work app to get a quick view of any blocked work in your workspace.

Blocked work app


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