Features released: April - July 2015

New Custom List app enhancements

Rally has updated the Custom List app, which was formerly known as the Custom Grid app. The Custom List is a powerful tool for helping manage work across enterprise teams. It is utilized commonly in custom pages and dashboards, which are some of the most heavily used pages in Rally. These pages help focus in on and manage the work most cared about, while also communicating real-time status with the rest of the organization. You can use the Custom List app to prepare, plan and track portfolios, programs and development work.

The new Custom List app has everything the old Custom Grid had with the following additions:

  • Add New component
  • Filtering component
  • Column picker component
  • Pagination
  • Show or hide Control Bar
  • Full WSAPI 2.0 Support

Demo video

Watch the video below for a demo of the new app:

4 minutes

Other updated apps

There were a number of other apps that were based on the legacy Custom Grid app that were also updated. The following apps now have the same feature enhancements as the Custom List:

Improved roll-ups and access to test case results from Iteration Status page

The Iteration Status page and app have been updated to better support test set, test case, and test case result reporting. These improvements include:

  • Test case results are correctly associated with the iteration their test case and test set are in.
  • The most recent Last Verdict, Last Build and Last Run values of a test case result roll-up to the test case.
  • Quick access to test case results from the Last Build field.
  • Quick access to editing a test case result from the list row gear icon.
  • One or more test cases can be removed from a test set using the gear icon.
  • Defects can be added to test cases that are associated to a test set.

Contacting Customer Support

The Rally Success Community is your one-stop shop for self-service and support. Find answers, collaborate with others, and submit cases with Rally Support at success.rallydev.com.

Enhanced attachment functionality on editable detail pages

The Attachments section of the new detail pages has been improved to address customer feedback, restore parity with the old pages and highlight key functionality.

The new Attachments section on the detail page includes the following:

  • You can now add a description to the attachment. The date and time and also populates automatically when you add a new file.
  • Use drag-and-drop to attach files. Additionally, you can attach multiple files by clicking the select files from your computer link.
  • You can download or delete an attachment by selecting the gear icon, located next to the attachment name. Bulk download is also available using the familiar bulk actions functionality that is available on many pages within Rally.

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