Rally Support Manager

Rally Support Manager is a management solution for support organizations who use Salesforce.com as their customer relationship management system. Key values include:

  • Support teams can quickly escalate and associate customer-reported issues with defects in Rally
  • When defects are resolved, teams can notify all affected customers by Salesforce email
  • Development teams can see affected customer information in Rally

Resources and support

  • View the demo to see Rally Support Manager in action
  • Read the overview to get an overview of features
  • Read the setup guide for the required configuration steps
  • Read the user guide for tips on using each function most effectively
  • Contact Support with any questions or troubleshooting

Workflow diagrams

Rally Support Manager workflow

Rally Support Manager workflow



Need more help? The Rally Community is your one-stop shop for self-service and support. To submit feedback or cases to Rally Support, find answers, and collaborate with others, please join us at rallycommunity.rallydev.com.
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