CA Agile Central On-Premises 2012.2 Release Notes

These release notes provide pertinent information regarding the additions for the CA Agile Central On-Premises Release 2012.2, hardware and software requirements, compatibility, defect fixes, and known issues for the CA Agile Central Enterprise and Unlimited Editions. All features, changes, and defect fixes were periodically released to CA Agile Central On-Demand from February 25th, 2012 to May 19th, 2012:

Build details for 2012.2

  • Build: 2012.05.19-10
  • Full Version ID for Provisioning: 2012.2 (2012.05.19-10)
  • Control panel version: 2012.2.1-730
  • WSAPI: 1.33

Features in Release 2012.2

On-Premises features:

CA Agile Central Help integration

A full copy of the CA Agile Central Help website is included with your On-Premises installation. You may access page-specific help articles from the CA Agile Central application, watch video tutorials, and use the search feature locally, without the need for an internet connection.

Custom login page announcements

Administrators may post custom announcements that display on the login page. This is useful for communicating changes, downtime, and other maintenance to your users. Select the CA Agile Central Login Banner tab from the Control Panel to access this feature.

Faster server restarts

The server restart process has been updated to remove unnecessary migration commands. This means faster recovery times after selecting the Restart command from the Control Panel.

Operating system update

The operating system for CA Agile Central On-Premises has been updated to CentOS 5.7. The software takes advantage of all bugfixes and updates provided in the new version, ensuring a stable base for the application to run on.

New browser support policy

CA Agile Central’s supported browser policy has been updated to keep pace with increasingly frequent releases by Mozilla, Google, and others. Please see the hardware and software requirements section of this page for a copy of the new policy.

Unlimited Edition features:

CA Agile Central Unlimited Edition includes everything in CA Agile Central Enterprise Edition, plus:

  • Portfolio management (CA Agile Central Portfolio Manager)
  • Authentication and security management (CA Agile Central Advanced Security and Administration)
  • Idea management (CA Agile Central Idea Manager)
  • Quality management (CA Agile Central Quality Manager)
  • Time tracking (CA Agile Central Time Tracker)
  • Enterprise integrations with HP Quality Center, IBM ClearQuest, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, and (CA Agile Central Support Manager)
  • Development sandbox for testing apps and integrations on a copy of your production data

CA Agile Central Portfolio Manager: Portfolio states

You may track the state of your portfolio items in their idea-to-delivery lifecycle using the new State field. If you use the new Portfolio Kanban Board, the State field values are displayed as columns on the board.

By default, the State field has the following default values for all portfolio item types: Discovering, Developing, Measuring, Done.

  • These default states should be replaced with values that represent your idea-to-delivery workflow states
  • Each portfolio item type can have its own state values as the lifecycle of an Initiative may be different from one of a Feature
  • If you do not want to track states for one of the portfolio item types, simply delete all state values for the appropriate type

CA Agile Central Portfolio Manager: Portfolio Kanban Board app

You may display your portfolio idea-to-delivery value streams on a Kanban board. The board is available as an app, so you may add it to your Dashboard page underneath the My Home tab, or install it in a custom page underneath any of the main CA Agile Central navigation tabs. Features include:

  • Drag-and-drop portfolio item cards from one column to another to change the State field value
  • Drag-and-drop cards within a column to change the rank
  • Edit portfolio items directly from the board
  • View a colored bar representing completion status on each card
  • View WIP (work-in-progress) limits and status for each portfolio item state
  • View how long a card has been in a state column

Note: If you have enabled manual ranking in your workspace, this setting will be respected when dragging cards on the board. You will only be able to place cards according to their manually set rank.

CA Agile Central Portfolio Manager: Portfolio Timeline zoom

A zoom function is available on the Portfolio Timeline page and app. You may set the level of zoom by dragging the slider or by selecting the - or + icons in the upper-right corner of the page. Three levels are available: Months and weeks, years and months, and years and quarters. The setting you select will persist for each portfolio item type.

CA Agile Central Idea Manager: New Dashboard page

All CA Agile Central Idea Manager sites have been upgraded with a new, faster Dashboard page. Features include:

  • Status & category distribution charts
  • Fastest risers report
  • Average days per status
  • New pie, bar, and funnel chart displays
  • Hidden ideas removed from statistics and reports
  • Enable Dashboard for end users

CA Agile Central Idea Manager: Report date filters

Administrators of CA Agile Central Idea Manager sites may access reports filtered by a given date range. The date filter option is available from the Setup area of a site. The following reports may be filtered by date:

  • User Activity
  • Ideas
  • Idea Status Change History
  • Idea Interest by Company

Enterprise Edition features:

Consolidated App Catalog

The new App Catalog combines all of the available apps found on the My Home > Dashboard page with the existing catalog, giving you access to over 90 different ways to examine and work with your data. To access the catalog, select Add App from the Customize Page drop-down menu at the top of custom pages and your dashboard.

New custom page features

The process of creating a new custom page has been streamlined, and all custom pages can now accept multiple apps, layouts, and settings. Features include:

  • Install one or multiple apps on a page
  • Change the layout and display of apps
  • Filter all compatible apps on a page by a given iteration or release
  • Share custom pages with other users in your workspace
  • Make copies of shared or personal custom pages

Improved story splitting interface

When your team encounters unfinished work after an iteration ends, the new story splitting interface can help you manage an incomplete user story and its associated items. Features include:

  • Choose which associated tasks, defects, and test cases are moved to the new user story
  • Edit user story names, iteration assignments, schedule states, and estimates
  • Discussions and attachments are automatically copied to the new user story
  • A parent user story is automatically created to relate both the old and new user stories

Getting Started custom page slideshow

New users added to your CA Agile Central subscription will be directed to a custom page presentation that explains the key features found in the application, as well as links to other introductory resources. This page will appear automatically after choosing a role, and will remain as the default landing page each time the user logs into CA Agile Central, until the check box directly below the presentation is unchecked.

Copy tasks

You may copy tasks from detail and summary pages, making it easier to create several similar tasks associated with a work item. When you select the copy command, an editor window displays, so you may re-assign it to a different work item or change other details. When viewing a task detail page, you can find the copy command underneath the Actions menu. Look for the copy task icon to the right of each task row on the following pages:

  • Track > Iteration Status
  • Track > Release Status
  • Track > Tasks
  • Track > Team Status
  • User story, defect, and defect suite detail pages, after selecting the Tasks link

Users grouped by relevance when filtering by owner

When filtering by the Owner field of a CA Agile Central work item, most pages and editor windows will list the available selections in the following order:

  • All users
  • No entry (no owner assigned)
  • You (currently logged in user)
  • Team members in the project
  • Project editors
  • Other workspace users

New apps

Two new apps have been added to the catalog:

  • Incomplete Stories for Current Iteration
  • Unassigned Tasks for Current Iteration

These apps assist teams with identifying unfinished or at-risk work in the current iteration.

New custom fields and field values recorded in revision history

The creation of new custom fields and custom field values are recorded in the workspace revision history. Entries will include the field and value name, date and time, and name of the administrator making the change.

License limit exceeded warning

Administrators will see a warning message when creating a new user in a subscription with no available licenses. New users may still be created, but are automatically set to disabled.

Changes to the SOAP, REST, & JSON Web Services API

Web Services API

The Web Services API has been revised to version number 1.33. Click the Web Services API link from the main Help page to view your Web Services documentation.

Click the API Versioning link under Topics in the left navigation of the Web Services API documentation for details about version changes.

App SDK 2.0 preview

A preview of the new App SDK environment is included with the 2012.2 release. We have added more functions, buttons, kits, and examples to help you get started building your own custom apps.

You can view the preview documentation when logged into your subscription by accessing the following URL:


Hardware and software requirements


The On-Premises image now requires 70GB of storage for virtual disk space. Please ensure this is available prior to installation.


  • Minimum 1024 X 768 X 256-color video resolution, 1280 x 1024 recommended

Supported web browsers

We at CA Agile Central are committed to making our software easily accessible. You can access CA Agile Central wherever you have a connection to your On-Premises server via a PC, Linux, or Macintosh computer.

Nevertheless, it is not possible or practical for us to support every operating system and browser combination that is available. To take advantage of the newest CA Agile Central features, we recommend that you use one of the following fully supported browsers:

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer*

We support the two latest versions of each of these browsers. We do not recommend using development, test, or beta versions of these web browsers. Versions that are not publicly released may not work properly with the CA Agile Central application. In particular we strongly suggest using Chrome.

Regardless of the browser you choose, you must enable cookies and JavaScript.

* Internet Explorer We support Internet Explorer 9 and Internet Explorer 8, and provide limited support for Internet Explorer 7.


PDF Reader:

  • Minimum Adobe Reader 5.0 Microsoft Windows platforms (not Linux)
  • Adobe Reader 7.0 recommended


  • Oracle DS 11g is required to utilize LDAP functionality

Defects resolved in Release 2012.2

  • DE9975 - Drag-and-drop movement does not work on Plan>Plan page with no active releases or iterations
  • DE10891 - Some administrators see duplicate field names when creating custom fields for task objects
  • DE11953 – Editor windows sized incorrectly when using Chrome browser and Linux
  • DE12138 - Excel Add-In displays an error when querying users
  • DE12435 – Releases not created in child projects if they share the same dates with existing release
  • DE12851 - Some users unable to delete a release
  • DE12894 – No message generated when attempting to delete a parent story without proper permissions
  • DE12895 – Clicking a link to a deleted user story in project that user does not have permissions to causes log out
  • DE12918 - Some users see inconsistencies with Defect Trend chart when filtered by a release
  • DE13007 - Tags are not deleted after confirmation message appears
  • DE13048 - Some users unable to send custom report to pdf or email
  • DE13061 - Kanban exit policy not saved when "No Entry" column is active
  • DE13068 – Rich text editor insert link and insert image icons incorrect
  • DE13069 – Actual bars not appearing on Portfolio Item Timeline
  • DE13094 – Multi-editing a task changes the schedule state of a non-associated story
  • DE13108 - My Notifications panel not displaying any results
  • DE13114 - Timesheet page not removing tasks
  • DE13121 - Timesheet page not clearing out deleted hours
  • DE13124 - Some users unable to link to Iteration Burndown chart
  • DE13126 - SOAP updates generate ignored xml element warnings for read-only fields
  • DE13131 – 404 error displays when clicking Save & New button in workspace editor
  • DE13144 - Defect suite detail page not showing correct number of associated defects
  • DE13192 - SSO users without access to any projects are continually logged out with no error message
  • DE13197 - Deleting a tag removes other tags from work items
  • DE13202 - Scheduling a new story into an iteration is adding a release by default
  • DE13229 - Release Dashboard panel showing incorrect count of days
  • DE13237 - Super Customizable Release Chart not aggregating data properly for some users
  • DE13261 - HTTP 500 response when performing a fetch operation on attachment fields with REST
  • DE13264 - When deleting a copied custom view, an error screen displays
  • DE13266 - After renaming a custom field, data does not display on the Backlog page
  • DE13273 - Trial subscriptions are missing countdown clock to expiration
  • DE13276 - Story splitting editor window hangs if plan estimate field is set as blank
  • DE13281 - CA Agile Central Product Manager (depreciated product) is incorrectly removed from a subscription after edits
  • DE13315 - Default custom views result in error screens on Plan > User Stories page
  • DE13319 - CA Agile Central Idea Manager: Turning off email notifications in profile prevents user from receiving pw reset email
  • DE13333 - Trial and Community Edition subscriptions display invalid expiration message at top of page
  • DE13448 - Iteration and Release Scope Change apps are not detecting items added to iterations and releases
  • DE13459 - SSO users on the SSO with Exceptions list cannot set their CA Agile Central password
  • DE13513 – Kanban Board app

Known issues in Release 2012.2

Not all work items may be recovered from the Recycle Bin

Only user stories, portfolio items, defects, test cases, and tasks are recoverable from the Recycle Bin.

Dragging test sets into the backlog on the Plan page

Dragging a test set from an iteration into the backlog on the Plan page will appear to make the test set disappear. The test set is still in CA Agile Central, but it has become unscheduled. To view the test set, go to the Iteration Status page and choose an iteration drop-down value of Unscheduled.

Popup blockers and CA Agile Central

Be aware that some of CA Agile Central’s content is displayed using popup windows. Popup blockers may inhibit this functionality. To correct this, configure your popup blockers to allow CA Agile Central popups.

User story list view displays incorrect summaries when parent stories are shown

Users who have both parent and child stories visible in the List (flat) view on the User Stories page will see summaries at the top of the list that combine parent and child estimates. We are considering fixing this by only showing child stories in this view, and would appreciate your feedback.

Iteration Defect Status printed report shows incorrect totals

The default settings for “Print Report” on Iteration Defect Status work correctly. However, if you deselect “show nested items” the report will indicate that all stories have “no defects”, even if some do. To work around this, make sure you keep “show nested items” checked when printing this report.

Custom Timesheet Reports will display "No Entry" where a custom field should be if CA Agile Central artifact is deleted

If you run a Custom Timesheet Report that includes deleted data, the output will include "No Entry" instead of a custom field name for any deleted work items.

Pasting formatted text from MS Word may result in error

Copy-pasting rich-format text into a work item editor from Microsoft Word may result in formatting or system errors. To work around this issue, compose directly in the CA Agile Central work item editors, or convert your entry to plain text before pasting.

404 error screen when searching for a test set by FormattedID

Searches for a specific test set using the exact FormattedID string will result in a 404 error page. Search by the test set name in order to work around this error.


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