CA Agile Central Ideas Quick Guide

Welcome to CA Agile Central Ideas, CA Agile Central's implementation of CA Agile Central Idea Manager. This guide provides just what you need to get started. For more help, visit the main help page.

To get started:

Update your profile

Go to the My Profile page and select Edit Your Profile. Your screen name defines how community members see you. If you need to change your email address, contact us at with your new email address. See Change Your Profile for more information.

Set up notifications

By default, you will receive email notifications when ideas you posted or ideas you subscribed to have a new comment or a change in status. You will also be notified when a category you subscribed to has new ideas submitted. If you do not want to receive any notifications, select Turn off all emails in your profile. See Subscribe to an Idea for more information.

View ideas

CA Agile Central Ideas provides many ways to view ideas:

Status values

As is common with software, plans can change and our commitment to you is to be transparent about our plans by keeping idea statuses up-to-date. Status values include the following:

  • New: Just posted
  • Under Review: We are reviewing the idea
  • Coming Soon: We plan to implement the idea in the next three months
  • Already Available: A solution to that idea is currently offered
  • Planned: We plan to implement the idea in the next six months
  • Not Planned: Currently not planned on our current six-month roadmap
  • Released in <release>: Delivered in the current CA Agile Central release; On-Premises customers will receive these in their next release
  • Released: Has been released in a prior release
  • Recently released: This idea has been released within the last three months
  • Need Input: Needs more feedback from the community or more clarification in order for the product team to decide how to move forward
  • Archived: This idea has not seen more than ten total votes in the past 365 days, and has been archived

Note: Archived ideas will not display in search and browse results. If an idea is archived and you would like it to be considered for development, post a new copy of the idea for voting.

End users or idea submitters cannot edit an idea once it has been posted. If you have a significant change to make, contact and request an update.

Follow the leaderboard

Use the leaderboard to track which users have the most popular ideas. Click on a user's name to view the ideas they have posted, commented on, and subscribed to. Points on the leaderboard are determined by the number of ideas you post, promote, or demote, the number of users that promote your idea, and the number of other ideas you comment on. Point values are set up by administrators.

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