CA Agile Central Idea Manager for End Users

CA Agile Central Idea Manager is your place to share your product and feature ideas, discuss them with the community, and vote for those you would like to see developed. As a user of CA Agile Central Idea Manager, you can share your ideas for future enhancements and monitor the ideas of others.

Change your profile

Your user profile contains the default settings for your account and other information about you.

Upload your photo

  • To upload your photo, click Upload Photo under the image and select an image from your computer.
  • To change your photo, roll over the image and click Change Photo. Select a different image from your computer.
  • To remove your photo, click Remove Photo, located under the image after a photo has been uploaded.

Update your personal information

In order to prevent duplicate screen names, the system will automatically add random characters to the end should that screen name already exist. This change appears after logging in again.

The following fields are visible to other users when they view your information:

  • Screen Name
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Profession/Title
  • Work History
  • Expert Skills

Click Save Updates to save any changes you make.

Change your password

  1. Click Change Password across from your photo.
  2. Follow the guidelines and click Submit Change to save your new password, or click the X at the top-right corner of the dialog box to cancel your action.


  • Must be at least six characters long
  • Must contain at least one number
  • Can contain any of these special characters : \~,\!,@,#,$,%,^,&,*,(,),_,+,`,-,=,},{,\|,[,],\

Note: Changing your password for one site changes your password for all sites you are registered with.

Post an idea

Post your idea for others to vote on.

Required fields are marked with an asterisk.

If you are not sure which category to select, use the Unsure category and the administrators will move it to the correct category.

The Rich Text Editor allows you to use formatting and editing tools such as bold, italics, font color, and spell check.

Limit posts to one granular idea to ensure that the status is assigned correctly and that community votes are meaningful. Describe your idea and the value you would gain if it was implemented. Use tags and attachments to highlight your idea.

End users and idea submitters cannot edit an idea once it has been posted. If you need changes made to your idea, use the contact email at the bottom of the page:

Find ideas

Use any of the following ways to find ideas:


To find specific ideas, enter search criteria into the Search field and click the icon or press Enter. All information associated with an idea, including tags, comments, and idea codes (for example, D415), is scanned for a match on your criteria. Search is not case sensitive—all case options for your criteria is matched. The Search field finds keywords in the Title, Description, and Tag fields. Searches on symbols (&, $, *, @, $, and so on) are not supported.

Once the search results display, you can perform a more advanced search on the types of results: ideas, comments, and users.

You can search for ideas posted by other users by entering their screen name in the Search field. For example, Peter Potamus has a screen name of Peter. You can enter Peter in the search field for results, but Potamus will not yield any results.

Tag cloud

Select a tag in the tag cloud to display ideas associated with the tag. The size of the tag font in the cloud indicates the relative number of ideas associated with each tag; the larger the font, the more ideas are associated with the tag.


Click a status to display ideas associated with that status.


Click a category to display ideas associated with that category.

Note: To clear any filters you have used to search for statuses or categories, click the Clear Filter link above the idea.

Other users

Click on a username by a posted idea to view all other ideas submitted by that user.

Sorting tabs

The idea list in the body of the page shows all ideas associated with the filters or search constraints that you have chosen. Use the Most Promoted, Recent, and My Favorites tabs to sort the list. Your administrator might add other tabs for sorting, such as Featured and Genius.

For example, if you select a status of New, then click the Most Commented tab, you will see a list of New ideas, sorted from the most to least commented.

To remove the filters, click the Clear Filter link. The display will default to all ideas, sorted by those most recently posted.

Next and previous ideas

Once you are viewing the details of an idea, you can click the margin arrows to view the next or previous idea. Hover over the arrow to see the title and submitter of that idea.

Monitor idea activity

Use the dashboard to give you at-a-glance information on trends for users, ideas, statuses, and categories. Hidden ideas and their statistics are not included in the dashboard.

Activity metrics

Use this chart to view metrics on ideas, votes, comments, users, logins, and registrations. You can filter using a date range by day, week, or month. The other charts on the dashboard do not reflect the date ranges for this chart; however, if you use a date range, the Average Day Per Status chart is affected.

You have up to three data choices you can view at the same time.

To select which data to display, click the Edit link. You can also select a cumulative display to see how trends have changed over time.

Category distribution

Use this pie chart to view how ideas are distributed within categories. Categories with zero ideas are included in the chart. Hover over a wedge to view more details.

Status distribution

Use this chart to view how ideas are distributed within statuses. The order in which the statuses appear is based on the order in which the statuses were added to your site in Setup → Ideas → Categories. Hover over the statuses for more information. Statuses with less than 3% are viewable only by hovering.

Fastest risers

Use this chart to view which ideas have been promoted the most. Ideas in this chart can include demoted ideas with negative votes that have recently received positive votes. Click on an idea title to go directly to the idea.

Average days per status

Use this chart to view how many days ideas typically remain in a particular status. This chart does not include today's data but everything until the day prior. Hover over a status bar for more information.

View others' ideas

To gain a better understanding of what other users are thinking, you can view others' ideas and comments. What are some of the more popular ideas? Which users are submitting the most ideas?

You can click on another user's screen name to view ideas and comments posted by that user.

Use the leaderboard to track which users have the most popular ideas. Click on a user's name to view the ideas they have posted, commented on, and subscribed to. Points on the leaderboard are determined by the number of ideas you post, promote, or demote, the number of users that promote your idea, and the number of other ideas you comment on. Point values are set up by administrators.

View ideas status

There are four ways to view the status of an idea:

  • Find an idea and view its status
  • View ideas in a specific status
  • View your idea's status from your profile
  • Subscribe to the idea to receive email notifications of status changes

Find an idea and view its status

Find the idea that interests you and read its summary information to see the current status.

View ideas in a specific status

To view a list of all ideas with a particular status:

  • Click on the status for an idea
  • Click a status in the right panel of the page

To clear any filters you have used to search for statuses or categories, click the Clear Filter button above the idea.

View your idea's status from your profile

To see the current status of your own ideas, check your profile, click the My Profile tab at the top-left of the page.

All of your ideas are listed on the Ideas menu.

Comment on an idea

Discuss ideas with other members of the community by adding comments to ideas or replying to comments.

The most recent comments are listed first.

Add your comment and click Post Comment. You can add an attachment to your comment to better illustrate your idea. Click Reply to discuss an existing comment. Your administrator must enable these features.

You can view all comments and replies to your comments on the My Profile tab in the Comments section.

Click the red flag to report abuse.

Vote on a idea

Give or remove your support for an idea by voting. There are two types of voting available which are determined by your administrator: simple voting and chip voting.

Simple voting

If you are in favor of an idea and want to raise it higher in the idea list, promote it. If you want to lower an idea in the list, demote it.

When you click the Promote arrow, it turns green. When you click the Demote arrow, it turns red. A red or green color on the arrows indicates how you have voted for other ideas.

If you see only the Promote arrow, your administrator has disabled the Demote voting option.

You cannot vote multiple times to increase your votes in one direction or another. You may, however, change your mind by voting one way and then the other way. In this case, your previous vote is canceled before the new one takes effect.

The votes of support in the My Statistics section represent the number of positive votes other users have made on ideas you posted.

Chip voting

Your administrator may enable chip voting, where you are allotted a certain number of chips to vote with. You may give more than one chip to a single idea. Chips are returned to you once an idea you have voted on reaches a specified status.

You can edit your votes by changing the number of chips (including zero) you want to give to an idea.

The number of remaining votes you have is listed on the left pane. Click the Return all of my votes link to revoke all of your votes and get all your chips back. Confirm your action on the pop-up.

Select favorite ideas

You can specify certain ideas that you like or agree with to the Favorites category. Your administrator must enable Favorites.

A yellow star indicates an idea is in Favorites. To remove an idea, click the star again.

To view all your favorite ideas, click the Favorites tab at the top of the ideas page.

Subscribe to an idea

Subscribe to an idea to follow its discussion thread and status. You can also subscribe to a category.

When you subscribe to an idea, you are notified by email if someone posts a comment or if there is a status change for that idea. When you subscribe to a category, you are notified when someone adds an idea to that category.

Notifications specify the actual status change, such as In Progress to Released.

If you do not wish to receive any email notifications, select Turn off all emails in your profile. By default, you will receive email notifications when the ideas you subscribe to either have new comments or a change in status. If you wish to be alerted when an idea's status changes, subscribe to the specific idea or the idea's category.


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