CA Agile Central Idea Manager for Administrators

Administrators in CA Agile Central Idea Manager are responsible for managing the site and the ideas posted by users. This role is usually filled by product managers or product marketing managers. Administrators can be traditional product managers that manage ideas as they are submitted, administrators that manage the site, or both.


On Wednesday, June 29th, data will be migrated from the current Idea Manager to the updated Idea Manager. Here are some items to keep in mind:

  • All of your data will be migrated to the new version as it is currently.
  • Your idea list page and idea post page will have the new UI.
  • The homepage will not automatically switch over to the new design. In order to save customizations that any company has made, we are going to change this by request only. It is not required that you change to the new homepage if you want to maintain any of your current customizations. However, if you would like the new homepage, please contact your account representative when you are ready so that we can turn this on for you.
  • There will now be a site homepage in your Idea Manager site (previously, it was only the Idea List page).
  • The mapping of schedule states for your user stories between Idea Manager and Agile Central will retain the settings you had, but you will have to set these up for the mapping of defects and portfolio items.
  • Check out this video to learn more about the upcoming changes.


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