Microsoft TFS for Work Items

The Rally Connector for Team Foundation Server

The Rally Connector to Microsoft TFS for Work Items allows you to synchronize work items in TFS with artifacts in Rally. The connector runs on a Windows computer behind your firewall using Microsoft's TFS (Team Foundation Server) interface and accesses Rally through our Web Service API. Most fields between the two systems can be synchronized.

Note: Rally has recently released a new Visual Studio plugin that allows developers to view and update Rally ALM user stories, tasks, defects, and test cases without leaving the Visual Studio IDE. Click here for more details.

The connector provides five services to synchronize objects between Rally and TFS:

  • Copy work items created in TFS to Rally (defects, user stories, or test cases only)
  • Copy work items created in Rally (defects, user stories, tasks, or test cases only) to TFS work items
  • Update Rally work items based on changes made in TFS
  • Update TFS work items based on changes made to Rally work items
  • Update Rally fields and TFS fields (may not be used in conjunction with the other update services)

See the TFS Installation & User Guide for information on installing, configuring, and using the connector.

Supported Version: TFS 2010
Cost: Free


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