Screen Capture Software

qTrace is an intelligent, defect documentation tool that runs unobtrusively on a testers' desktop, capturing every screen and step necessary to reproduce a defect. Testers can then edit the defect record through a rich-text editor with annotation tools (such as callout, arrow, and blur). The final defect record can then be shared through email, exported to Word, PDF, or images, as well as submitted directly to defect trackers including Rally’s. qTrace streamlines the testing process, helping testers create detailed and informative defect records quickly and easily.

qTrace for Rally

qTrace allows testers to easily submit a defect directly to their Rally subscription. This seamless integration between qTrace and Rally not only supports all data types, fields, and custom fields, but also allows testers to configure which fields they want to submit with a defect, specify fields' default values, and associate a defect with one or more user stories. Testers can easily share their Rally integration settings with others to enforce necessary defect submission workflow in the team without requiring everyone to individually configure qTrace.

Cost: qTrace is available as a Free edition as well as a low-cost ($49.00 per year per license) Pro upgrade. As a Rally customer, enter the discount code of RALLYD3V-QAS and receive a $10 discount.


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