Promote an Idea to a Story in Rally

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When you decide to implement an idea, you can quickly promote the idea to a story within Rally Software. You can connect an idea to a new story or to an existing story. You can also connect multiple ideas to a story.

Each association and dissociation between an idea and a story creates a discussion entry on the story and the URL of the idea. This is particularly useful if there is more than one idea associated with one story.

  1. Open the idea you wish to promote.
  2. In the Connect idea to a Rally user story box, select the workspace and the project you wish to use.
  3. Specify whether to create a new user story or connect to an existing user story.
  4. Click Go.
  5. To view your new story in Rally, click the story link.

Once your idea is entered in Rally Software, there are three Rally Idea Manager-specific fields which can help the development team view key information about the idea:

  • Idea URL: An active link to the idea in Rally Idea Manager. Use this link to view comments and other information.
  • Note: More than one idea can be linked to a story, but only the first assigned idea URL field displays in this field. When multiple ideas are linked to a story, you can access the idea URLs in the discussion area.

  • Notes: Indicates which user created the story in Rally Software. This area also specifies the idea site from where the idea came.
  • Idea Votes: An up-to-date number of the votes the idea has received.

Only the idea's name and description are populated in Rally. Other custom or required fields you may have set up in Rally Idea Manager do not display in a linked Rally story.

Promote multiple or complex stories to Rally

Often, an idea is too complex to be promoted to just one user story. You may encounter one of these scenarios:

  • There are several different but related ideas
  • An idea is too large and complex to be implemented in a single user story

Create a parent story and assign the similar ideas or break down the complex idea to child stories.


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