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The Portfolio Kanban Board app helps you track the status of your portfolio items as they move along in your portfolio process. You must have Rally Portfolio Manager enabled in your subscription to add the app to your Rally menus.

Each portfolio item is displayed as its own card on the Kanban board. Each card displays the ID, Name, Owner, and % Done by Story Count. If a portfolio item has not been assigned a state, it displays in the No Entry column.

Portfolio Kanban Board with color picker

Set up the Portfolio Kanban Board

Configure portfolio item states

Before installing the Portfolio Kanban Board, ensure the State field for each portfolio item type has been configured. Default states are available, but can be customized with the terminology your organization prefers. States are represented on the board as columns. Learn more about the State field and how to customize it.

Set portfolio item type

Once you add the app to a custom page, you can specify the type to control which level of your portfolio hierarchy to view. You may install multiple board apps on the same custom page to see all levels on a single screen. Click the gear icon to set the type:

Select fields to display

Select one or more fields to display on the portfolio item card from a subset of portfolio item fields. Specify which fields are displayed through the settings menu of the app:

Select fields to display in the app

Fields you can display on cards include:

  • Custom fields
  • % Done by Story Count
  • % Done by Story Plan Estimate
  • Project
  • Investment Category
  • Preliminary Estimate
  • Parent
  • Tags
  • Planned Start Date
  • Planned End Date
  • Actual Start Date
  • Actual End Date
  • Risk Score
  • Value Score
  • Archived
  • Attachments
  • Blocked
  • Late Child Count
  • Release
  • WSJF Score
  • Refined Estimate

Use the board


Changes in the board trigger an update to the State field for any drag-and-drop action from one column to another column. To change the state of a portfolio item from the board, select the card and drag it to the state column you want the card to go.

You can also re-rank portfolio items with drag-and-drop (if your workspace uses the drag-and-drop ranking mode).

Portfolio Kanban drag and drop

Inline edit

To inline edit the name of a portfolio item, click the text in the middle of a portfolio item when viewing the board. Press Enter or click outside of the area to save your changes.

Portfolio Kanban Board Inline Edit

To change the owner of a portfolio item, click the owner icon in the header of the portfolio item. Select the new owner from the drop-down to save.

Card actions

Click the FormattedID of a portfolio item to go to the detail page of the item.

You can edit a portfolio item without leaving the Kanban board through the gear icon. Select Edit, Copy, or Delete. If you select Edit, an editor window displays, Copy immediately creates a new portfolio item within the same column.

Note: If you select Delete, the portfolio item is immediately removed from the workspace with no confirmation pop-up. Restore a portfolio item from the Recycle Bin.

For boards at the feature level, you can view child stories on feature cards by clicking on the points icon at the bottom of the card. From the story tray, you can re-rank stories, edit, copy, delete, move, split, or add stories, defects, and tasks.

Hover over the colored percentage done area to see details of progress against total number of stories or and points. If the colored bar has an orange corner highlight, a warning message displays that the portfolio item is missing a planned end date.

Custom queries

The Query field is available in the app settings menu. You can enter SQL-style queries to filter the cards displayed on the board, based on field values of portfolio items.

Query field

Portfolio item discussions

Review and add discussions for each card on the board. Discussions allow team members to provide detailed updates and comments on a portfolio item.

  • To update discussions, hover over a card, click the plus icon, and select Discussion. In the discussions details display, enter your new comment in the text field and click Reply.
  • If the work item already has discussion comments present, click the icon on the card to access the details display.
  • To delete a comment, click on the trashcan icon when viewing the details display. Only the original author and administrators may delete a comment.

Portfolio Kanban Board discussion

Click outside of the card or on the arrow icon to close the details display.

An icon will display on each card, indicating the number of comments present. The icon will change color depending on the time the last comment was posted. A discussion with a post less than four hours old displays as dark blue, while older posts display as a lighter blue or grey, so you can see which work items have new information.

Multiple Kanban boards

If you have multiple Portfolio Kanban Board apps on the same custom page or your dashboard, you can drag a card from one board to another if the portfolio item types are the same.

WIP limits

The WIP (work-in-progress) and WIP limit display at the top of the board under the state name. For example, if your current WIP in a state column is three and your WIP limit is eleven, (3/11) displays. If the WIP limit is exceeded, the column turns red.

Administrators can set WIP limits for each portfolio item state in your workspace for each portfolio item type. This setting can be found when editing the State field.

WIP limit displays for the workspace and project you are currently scoped to. To track whether you are exceeding WIP at the portfolio level, change your project scoping to the top of the project tree in your workspace. The Kanban board displays the portfolio WIP for each state for the type you have chosen, and the number of cards in each state for the scoping you have selected.

Exit policies

To document what criteria needs to be met before a portfolio item can move into the next column, use the exit policies feature.

Sample exit policy

By default, the Exit Policy fields are hidden from the board. To display the fields above each column, select the Show Policies checkbox in the upper-right corner.

Edit policies

To add or edit exit policies for each column:

  1. Select the Show Policies checkbox.
  2. Hover over the column you want to edit, and click the Edit link. A rich-text editor displays.
  3. Enter exit criteria text, then click Save to confirm your changes.

  • You must have workspace or subscription administrator rights to edit exit policies.
  • The Exit Policy field is limited to 4K of data, including formatting.
  • Copying text from another rich-text editor such as Word or Google Docs may inflate the amount of formatting data.
  • You may also edit exit policies when editing the State field of portfolio items, using the Description column. This method is not recommended.


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