Plan a Release

To plan a release, use the Plan page to organize your backlog and release backlog. Work items in the Plan and Release Backlog sections pertain only to the currently-selected project. The Plan page has the following components:


The backlog displays all unplanned work items (user stories, defects, and defect suites) in prioritized order. These work items are candidates for adding to a release. The Plan Estimate field displays the total number of points for the work items listed in the backlog. Toggle between work items by clicking on their corresponding icon .

With the backlog, you can:

  • Use the Actions menu to add a new user story to the backlog
  • Filter the user stories by ID and State
  • Use the icon to change prioritization

Note: If your backlog is set to display parent projects and you drag a work item from Project X to an iteration from Project K, the work item's project will change from X to K.


Specify the release you are planning from the Release drop-down field, which displays all active or planned releases. The percentage indicates how full the release is based on known velocity and work items already added to the release.

You can also view predecessors, add a child to a parent, and edit work items in the Plan section of the page.

Release backlog

Click the + icon to view all work items currently in the release or iteration. Use drag-and-drop to move work items between the backlog and release backlog.

As you move work items in to the release backlog, the percentages for each iteration and the release update to prevent over-committing your teams during a release.


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