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As a product manager, you need to organize ideas in a way that provides value to your site and company. Organizing ideas can include tasks such as:

Manage duplicate ideas

Even though the duplicate checker searches for duplicate or similar ideas already entered, some duplicate ideas may exist. To manage duplicate ideas, you can:

Set up idea list tabs

Click the Idea List Tabs page to create customizable tabs by status or activity. For each tab, specify the name and type. Types include:

  • Featured – Ideas selected by the administrator.
  • Genius – Based on ideas from users who have commented or voted on ideas you have commented or voted on. For promotion votes only. Genius only displays for users whose ideas have been commented or voted on by other users.
  • Most active
  • My Favorites – This only displays when users have marked ideas as their favorites . You must set up this tab and enable My Favorites on the ideas page in order for users to use this tab.
  • New
  • Random – A random mix of different ideas.
  • Status
  • Tag cloud

Select Featured ideas

Add an idea to the Featured view to highlight its value. The Featured status must first be enabled before adding ideas to the Featured view.

Change the category of an idea

To change the category to which an idea is already assigned:

  1. For the idea you want to change, click the Edit Idea link.
  2. On the editor, click the arrow on the drop-down box of the Select a Category (Required):* field, then select the category you wish to use.
  3. Click Update Idea.

Change and add tags to an idea

To change or add tags to which an idea is already assigned:

  1. For the idea you want to change, click the Edit Idea link.
  2. Add or edit tags in the Please list tags related to your submission field.
    Multiple tags must be separated by a space.
  3. Click Update Idea.

View idea counts

See which ideas are getting the most views by users.

  1. From the Ideas tab, click the Ideas page.
  2. Select the Idea View Count checkbox.
  3. Click Save Changes.


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