New App Pages

As of April 28th, 2012, the way you use custom pages and apps in CA Agile Central has changed. We've added some exciting new features to the way apps are organized, accessed, and edited. Now, it's easier to quickly find the app you're looking for, organize the layout of one or several apps on a page, and share collections of apps with other users in your workspace.

Easier to add and find apps

We've merged the CA Agile Central App Catalog with all of the available apps in the Dashboard Panel Catalog, found in the My Home > Dashboard page. Every pre-built CA Agile Central application is now available for installation on a custom page, from a single menu. Apps have been sorted into collapsible groups so you can quickly find apps specific to your task or role.

New App Catalog

Dashboard features on all custom pages

When adding a custom page, there is now only one page type option. All new and existing custom pages can accept one or many apps, combining the features of the former custom dashboard, app, and URL page types.

New Create Custom Page window

You may still use custom pages to host single apps, and any existing custom app pages you have installed have automatically been converted to the dashboard style with the installed app spanning the entire page.


Custom app before new format


Custom app after new format

You can take advantage of all the features of a dashboard page in the new custom page format, including:

  • Add multiple apps to the same page
  • Filter specific apps by project
  • Filter all compatible apps on a page by a given release or iteration
  • Change the layout and vertical height of apps
  • Share a custom page with all users in the workspace (must have workspace or subscription administrator permissions)
  • Copy a shared custom page to edit for personal use

Installing and configuring a new custom page

Here's a quick example of all the steps needed to create new custom pages and add apps:

  1. Hover on the tab you want to install a page, and select the + New Page link.
  2. New Page link
  3. Enter a Name for the custom page and click Save. Your new custom page displays.
  4. New Create Custom Page window
  5. Select a page layout option. You can always come back and change this setting later.
  6. Click the Start adding apps link.
  7. Layout and add apps options
  8. Select an app from the App Catalog window and click Add This App.
  9. App Catalog menu

Use the Customize Page menu to add additional apps to the page, share the page with other users in the workspace, copy the page, or change the layout:

Customize Page menu

Use the gear icon at the top of each app to adjust settings or remove the app:

Gear menu
App settings

Frequently asked questions

What about my existing custom pages?

Existing pages have automatically been converted to the new format, with the same catalog app, custom app, or URL page installed. See the section above for an example.

How can I install a custom URL page?

Simply create a new custom page, then install the Custom URL app from the catalog. You can set the layout such that the app uses the entire page.

What about custom apps I develop?

Please! Keep those creative juices flowing! You can install custom app code underneath any CA Agile Central navigation tab by creating a custom page, then installing the Custom HTML app from the catalog. Have multiple custom apps? Now they can be on the same screen!

Where are custom dashboards?

Since all of the features of a custom dashboard have been built into the new custom page format, we're retiring the custom dashboard name. The only dashboard you will need to reference is your personal Dashboard page, found underneath the My Home tab.

Can I install any app on my personal Dashboard page too?

Yes! The same catalog of apps will be available on both custom pages and the Dashboard page.


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