Monitor Idea Activity

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Use the dashboard to give you at-a-glance information on trends for users, ideas, statuses, and categories. Hidden ideas and their statistics are not included in the dashboard.

Activity metrics

Use this chart to view metrics on ideas, votes, comments, users, logins, and registrations. You can filter using a date range by day, week, or month. The other charts on the dashboard do not reflect the date ranges for this chart; however, if you use a date range, the Average Day Per Status chart is affected.

You have up to three data choices you can view at the same time.

To select which data to display, click the Edit link. You can also select a cumulative display to see how trends have changed over time.

Category distribution

Use this pie chart to view how ideas are distributed within categories. Categories with zero ideas are included in the chart. Hover over a wedge to view more details.

Status distribution

Use this chart to view how ideas are distributed within statuses. The order in which the statuses appear is based on the order in which the statuses were added to your site in Setup → Ideas → Categories. Hover over the statuses for more information. Statuses with less than 3% are viewable only by hovering.

Fastest risers

Use this chart to view which ideas have been promoted the most. Ideas in this chart can include demoted ideas with negative votes that have recently received positive votes. Click on an idea title to go directly to the idea.

Average days per status

Use this chart to view how many days ideas typically remain in a particular status. This chart does not include today's data but everything until the day prior. Hover over a status bar for more information.


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