Manage Users

As an administrator, you can:

Find users

  1. On the Users tab, click the Manage page.
  2. Enter search criteria in the field and select a user from the suggested user list.
  3. Click Select to display more information about the user name you specified.
  4. Click the show details link to display more information about the user.

Block and unblock users

Once you've selected a user, click the Block or Unblock button (as applicable) to change the user's status. Blocked users may not log in until they are unblocked. Click the Blocked Users page on the Users tab to see a list of blocked users.

Reset passwords

To reset a user's password, select the user and click the Reset Password button. An email with instructions for changing the password will be sent to the user.

Designate administrators

To add or remove administrator privileges from an existing user account:

  1. Click the Administrators page on the Users tab.
  2. Enter search criteria in the User field and select a user from the suggested user list.
  3. Click the Add Administrator button to grant administrator privileges to the user you selected.
  4. Click the X to the right of a user in the list to remove administrator privileges.

The Site Sponsor is the first site administrator who will configure, setup, and manage the site after it is created.

Set leaderboard points

Click the Reputation page to specify how many points a user earns for registering, promoting, demoting, posting, or commenting on an idea, and when a user promotes another user's idea. Values must be whole numbers, either positive or negative. You may change the values at any time, but changes are not retroactive.

Define your point system based on actions for which you would like to motivate your users. For example, set a higher number of points for posting ideas if you want more ideas submitted.

Invite users to join the community

You may invite one or more users to create an account by sending a registration invitation by email.


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