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As the system administrator, click the Sites tab, then the Manage page.

assign groups

Select the site you wish to manage from the Sites drop-down list. To further refine your search, select the Active, Closed, or Archived radio buttons.

Decommission a site

There are three ways in which you can decommission a site. No email notifications are sent when a system administrator decommissions a site.

  • Closed status: Users can view ideas, but not submit ideas, comments, or vote.
  • Archived status: Only system administrators can view the site.
  • Delete a site: Click the remove next to the site name. At the prompt, select Yes. You cannot recover data from a deleted site. The default group that was created for the site is also deleted.

Caution: Rally highly discourages site deletion.

Change the site sponsor

You can change the site sponsor at any time. The new site sponsor and the current system administrator receive an email notification of the change.

Define user access to sites

The system administrator can choose whether all users have access to a site (the default ALL group), or only users in selected groups. The ALL group includes every user in the system and administrators cannot remove users from this group.

Assign groups to a site

You can use the search field and Search button to find a specific group, or click All to display all groups.

To assign groups to a site, select a group from the All Groups window and click the >> arrows. The group displays in the Assigned Group window.

To remove groups from a site, select the group and click the Remove Group button to unassign a group from a site.

To delete a group, select the group in the All Groups section and click the Delete Selected button. The ALL group and default groups for each site cannot be deleted.

Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page to save any changes you make.


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