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Multisite functionality allows your company to deploy multiple idea sites. This allows multiple product managers within the same organization to independently gather ideas and enhancement requests in Rally Idea Manager, then integrate the ideas in their respective backlogs in Rally.

Managing multiple sites includes:

Multiple sites have an additional administrative role: system administrator. The system administrator creates new sites, designates the site sponsor for each site, and manages user groups. Only system administrators have access to the Manage Sites tab.

system admins

Use the Manage Sites tab to create and manage sites, run usage reports, and manage site access. Once a site is created, a system or a site administrator can manage the details of individual sites. See Set Up Your Site for more information.

The Manage Sites page has four tabs: System, Users, Reports, and Site. Each of these tabs have pages where you can specify settings.

Your company may choose to create a separate site for each product it sells, for example, a software company could set up a separate site for its sales, development, and marketing departments.

multisite 1
multisite 2
multisite 3

With multisite, you can:

  • Track product-specific statuses and categories
  • Build a user community with a more focused target audience
Each site has its own: All sites share:
Branding and colors, name and description User credentials and passwords
Security (public or private site, registration type) User profiles
Set of registered users Blocked users
Site sponsor
Content: ideas, categories, tabs, statuses, submission form, reports
Community and user statistics
Rally Integration setup
Guidance panels text
Reports and dashboard
Contact email

Multisite navigation

Each site has its own URL which you can use to access the site. Alternatively, you can visit the landing page to view a list of all the sites to which you have access (https://<company-name>

Once you are in a site, to access a different site, click the View Sites link on the upper-right corner of the Ideas page.

view sites

If you log in and do not have access to any site, the following message displays: You do not have access to any site. Please contact your administrator for assistance.

Archived sites do not display. For closed sites, you may browse and read ideas, but voting, commenting, and idea submission are disabled.


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