IRC Clients

Flowdock works as an IRC server. You can chat in your flows and stay current with your team inbox using your preferred IRC client.

Note: Flowdock has many features such as threaded chat, a team inbox, and rich integrations that are not supported by the IRC protocol. If you use Flowdock through IRC, you will not be able to access these features.

To connect to the Flowdock IRC server:

  1. Ensure that you have a Flowdock password. If you normally log in with your Google, CA Agile Central, or Single Sign-On credentials, go to your login settings to create a password.
  2. Connect to using SSL through port 6697. You may use your Flowdock username and password as a server password, in the format email password. For example: supersecret.
  3. If you did not enter a server password, you need to identify yourself to NickServ:/msg NickServ identify <email> <password>.

You will be automatically joined to the IRC channels corresponding to your flows. Most clients should work, including:

The IRC gateway is open source. See for more information.


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