This Rally integration connects agile application development to the initiatives and projects approved. It improves visibility and decision making across projects and resources enterprise-wide as well as eliminates double-entry to improve accuracy of status and time reporting.

The integration between Rally and Innotas allows teams to stay in one application. This simultaneously minimizes context switching, eliminates additional training, and increases productivity for all parties involved. As a best-in-class PPM application, Innotas manages the project approval process, resource management and staffing, and high level reporting and dashboarding on time, people, and money. Rally manages the day-to-day execution of work against tasks, user stories, releases and so on. When data from both systems is combined, executives get an eagle-eye view into all the work going on in the organization in one place. Each integration is built from a baseplate into a tailor-made solution for our customers based on how specifically they are using both Innotas and Rally.

Cost: Please contact Innotas or 866-692-7362, ext. 1 for pricing details for Rally customers.


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