HP Quality Center

The Quality Center (QC) connector is flexible and customizable. It supports synchronizing QC defects to Rally defects, QC requirements to Rally stories, QC test plans to Rally test cases, and QC test runs to Rally test case results. The connector offers the ability to map just about any field in either system with few limitations.


  • Choose any work item
  • Filter only certain work items to synchronize
  • Map most fields
  • Choose field transfer direction
  • Default field values
  • Easily map users
  • Easily map different drop-down fields between systems
  • Easily map to Rally's project structure
  • Multiple extension points for customization
  • Choose which services to run: copy to Rally, copy to QC, update to Rally, update to QC, or update Rally fields and QC fields

You can synchronize tests between QC and Rally. This connector also supports a one-way copy of QC test runs to Rally test case results.

Supported Version: QC 10 (until May 2015), QC 11.x, QC 12 (ALM)
Cost: Additional per-seat cost for Enterprise Subscriptions, included with Unlimited Subscriptions


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