Git Connector

Rally's Git Connector searches the Git system for recent commits (put there by a 'git push' command). It extracts information from the commit messages, and posts changeset and change information to a Rally SCMRepository according to specifications in a configuration file. The connector must be installed on only one computer for your company.

You can include Formatted IDs (example: US42) in commit messages. The connector processes all commits for configured repositories and pushes information about those commits into changeset and change objects in Rally. If a valid Formatted ID is found in a commit message, the changeset created by the connector is associated with that defect, story, or task in Rally.

Example workflow: You are assigned DE42 in Rally. When you make a code change and commit, include a message in the commit like Found an issue with line breaks—fixed DE42. The connector finds that commit message and links the information about the commit to the defect in Rally.

See the Git Installation & User Guide for information on installing, configuring, and using the connector.

Cost: Free


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