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When using the dashboard for the first time you will be asked to choose a role. Selecting a role helps you set up your default dashboard with apps that help you track your work. You can customize your dashboard at any time by installing apps that provide the data you need.

If you serve in more than one role in your organization, you can create a new custom dashboard page for each role you have.

Choose from one of the following options:

I focus on the actual work:

You might have the title developer, tester, tech writer, or designer. You want to manage your tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The following default apps display with this option:

  • Getting Started for Contributors
  • My Tasks
  • Unassigned Tasks for Current Iteration
  • My Test Cases
  • My Defects
  • Blocked Work
  • Iteration Burndown
  • Incomplete Stories for Current Iteration
  • My Notifications
  • Recent Activity

I organize and track the work for a team:

You might have the title project manager, product owner, or scrum master. You are responsible for planning and tracking work and helping a team.

The following default apps display with this option:

  • Getting Started for Organizers
  • Ready to Accept
  • Blocked Work
  • Iteration Summary
  • Iteration Burndown
  • Release Burnup
  • Release Defect Trend

I focus on the big picture:

You might have the title portfolio manager, director, or executive. You want to know what's going on at a glance across one or more initiatives or teams.

The following default apps display with this option:

  • Getting Started for Executives
  • Release Dashboard
  • Defect Trend
  • Portfolio Item Timeline
  • Throughput

Note: There isn't a way to reset your dashboard role once the original selection has been made, but you can find the apps for the other role options and enable them as needed by clicking the Actions drop-down and selecting Add Apps. You can search for Getting Started in the App Catalog to add apps pertinent to Contributors, Executives, and Organizers.


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