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The Rally Community is where Rallyers of all types can go to learn, educate, discover and self-serve. When you have a question about Rally, we are pleased to provide our users and customers access to the Rally Community (rallycommunity.rallydev.com).

The Q & A section of the Rally Community allows you to get answers from a passionate community of customers, partners, and Rally experts. Feel free to post, answer, like, or follow a question to identify trends and make it easier for others to follow. Here's how:

  1. Open a browser and go to the Rally Community at rallycommunity.rallydev.com.

  2. Click the Q & A tab.

  3. In the What do you want to know? search box, type your question and press Enter.

  4. Select the Question or Article from the results list that best addresses your question.

  5. If none of the results address your issue, click Continue to post (requires login).

  6. Add more detail to your question in the text area.
    • Provide as much relevant information as possible so that your question is answered as quickly as possible.
    • Select the relevant product from the drop-down.

  7. Click Post to submit your question to the Rally Community.

Hover over the best answer (response) to invoke the Best Answer button.
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