FogBugz is a web-based bug tracking system. Use the CA Flowdock API and the FogBugz URL Trigger plugin to get notifications into CA Flowdock.

Ensure the FogBugz URL Trigger plugin is installed from Admin → Plugins. In FogBugz OnDemand, it is installed by default. You can install it from here.

To set up the integration:

  1. In Admin → Plugins, click the configure icon next to the FogBugz URL Trigger plugin.
  2. Click Add New Trigger.
  3. Select Case Events as the Event types.
  4. Select the CA Flowdock flow you want the notifications to go to.
  5. Enter your FogBugz subdomain.
  6. In the URL field, copy and paste the following:
            <p><a href="{CaseNumber}">{Title}</a></p>
        <hr />
            <dt>Edited by</dt><dd>{PersonEditingName} at {EventTime}</dd>      
            <dt>Assigned To</dt><dd>{AssignedToName}</dd>      
            <dt>Project</dt><dd>{ProjectID} {ProjectName}</dd>      
            <dt>Area</dt><dd>{AreaID} {AreaName}</dd>      
            <dt>Current Estimate</dt><dd>{CurrentEstimate}</dd>      
            <dt>Elapsed time</dt><dd>{ElapsedTime}</dd>      
            <dt>Due Date</dt><dd>{DueDate}</dd>      
            <dt>Fix for</dt><dd>{FixForName}</dd>      
  7. Click the POST checkbox.
  8. Leave the rest of the fields blank and click OK.
  9. Make a test edit and wait for it to display in CA Flowdock.

    The FogBugz URL triggers are fired every few minutes.


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