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Entering time consists of the following topics:

Add timesheet entries

Individual timesheets capture the time you spend on projects, user stories, defects, or tasks. They provide a convenient place for you to specify time spent on all the tasks you own that are scheduled for the week.

Because the data you enter on your timesheets may affect reports created for accounting purposes, you should fill out your timesheet according to the guidelines provided by your company. If you are unsure about the guidelines to follow, contact your Rally administrator before entering hours in your timesheet.

Rally supports three types of timesheet entries: tasks, work items, and projects. This allows for adding existing work items and tasks to your timesheet, as well as tracking project time, such as meetings. Your Rally administrator may also set up Rally to track non-project time, such as vacation and sick days.

Add tasks

There are two ways of adding tasks to a timesheet from the My Home → Timesheet page:

  • Click Add My Tasks to add a task with you as the owner. This is the primary way to add tasks for developers and testers because it is based on task ownership. Tasks added this way are either not completed or completed and the to do value is not zero. Only tasks scheduled in the currently displayed week are added.
  • To add a task you do not own (useful if you do paired programming), click +Add. Select a project, then a work item, then a task from the respective choosers.

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    Note: Once a task is added to the timesheet, the task state and task to do display. You can inline edit the task state and task to do fields.


    Add work items

    1. Click +Add and select a project. The project's work items currently scheduled in the displayed week are available for selection.
    2. Select a work item from the drop-down menu.

    The Search All Work Items option in the result drop-down allows you to search for a defect or a story (by ID or keyword) not scheduled in the selected project for the displayed week.

    Add projects

    This method allows for entering hours against existing non-work time in a project such as meetings, design work, and collaboration.

    To add a project, click +Add and select a project.

    Note: If you want to track vacation time and other non-project time, create a paid time off (PTO) project, create stories for vacation, sick leave, jury duty, and so on, then schedule these stories in a year-long iteration so they automatically display in the work item chooser when users select the PTO project on their timesheet.

    Enter hours

    Once you add your timesheet entries to a timesheet, you can enter hours.

    1. To enter your hours, select the cell below the day you want to enter your hours.
    2. Click anywhere in the cell to edit.

    Your daily and weekly totals will immediately reflect any new hours entered.

    This section also includes an area for updating your task to dos, providing one interface for all time entries.

    Remove timesheet entries

    To remove a timesheet entry, click the gear menu.


    You can remove a timesheet entry from a week if it has no hours entered against it.


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