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For developers and testers using the Eclipse framework for application development, the Rally Connector for Eclipse provides access to Rally artifacts from within the Eclipse interface. The artifacts (Rally stories, tasks, and defects) can be viewed or updated, along with viewing and sharing the context of those artifacts through the Mylyn framework, providing a one-stop access to information in Rally without having to leave the Eclipse IDE.

Mylyn ( ) is the Task-Focused UI for Eclipse that reduces information overload and makes multi-tasking easy. It does this by making tasks a first-class part of Eclipse. Once your tasks are integrated, Mylyn monitors your work activity to identify information relevant to the task-at-hand, and uses this task context to focus the Eclipse UI on the interesting information, hide the uninteresting, and automatically find what's related.

This install guide includes:

Software requirements

The following are the software requirements to use the Rally connector for Eclipse.

  • Eclipse 3.3 with Mylyn 3.0
  • Eclipse 3.4 or higher with Mylyn 3.6 or higher

Download Mylyn


  1. Click Help → Install New Software.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Enter one of the following URLs in the Location field (depending on your Eclipse and Mylyn versions):
    • (Eclipse 3.3)
    • (Eclipse 3.4, or higher)

  4. Click OK.
  5. From the Work with drop-down field, select your newly-created repository.

  6. Select the checkbox next to the connector, then click Next.

  7. Accept the terms of the license agreements, then click Finish to confirm.

Create a Rally task repository

  1. Go to Windows → Show View → Other.

  2. Select Task Repositories and Task List, then click OK.

  3. From the Task Repositories, right-click on Local Tasks and select Add Task Repository.

  4. Select Rally to set up a Rally repository.
  5. Enter your server, username, and password info into the corresponding fields.

  6. Click Validate Settings to confirm the setting.
  7. Click Finish to add Rally to the Task Repositories list.

Run the connector

  1. On the Task Repositories tab, right-click on the Rally repository you created and select New Query.
  2. Using the Query Editor, select the workspace, project, and iteration for tasks or defects to display after the plugin is run.

  3. To add a command icon for the plugin, choose Window → Customize Perspective.

  4. From the Command Groups Availability tab, select the Rally checkbox.

The icon displays at the top of your environment.

You will see results after running your query:



The log files are located in the Tasktop application folder. If you are using Eclipse, this is in <path to workspace>\.metadata\.log

  • Windows Vista and Windows 7:


  • Windows XP:

    C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Tasktop\workspace\.metadata\.log

  • Mac:

    /Users//Library/Application Support/Tasktop/workspace/.metadata/.log

  • Linux:




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