Dead Man's Snitch

Dead Man's Snitch is a monitoring tool for cron, Heroku Scheduler, or any scheduled task. If your job does not execute when it should, Dead Man's Snitch alerts you. When you integrate it with CA Flowdock, alerts are sent to your team’s flow.

Send all alerts to one flow

  1. Log in to Dead Man’s Snitch and navigate to your Account page.

  2. Set the Alert Email to be your flow’s email address.

    To find your email address, click the gear icon next to your flow's name and select Settings.

  3. Confirm your changes by entering your password at the bottom of the page.

Send different alerts to different flows

  1. Log in to Dead Man's Snitch.
  2. Open the Settings tab of the snitch that you want to integrate with a flow.

  3. Set the Alert Email to be your flow’s email address.
  4. Click Save.


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