Track and Report Billable Time

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Rally Time Tracker extends Rally with timesheets and timesheet reports for the purpose of reporting on development cost—either for billing, charge backs, or software capitalization purposes. It alleviates the double entry frustration developers experience when their organization requires them to fill out weekly or monthly timesheets. By capturing timesheet entries in Rally, Rally Time Tracker saves developers' time and collects more accurate project cost estimates by recording daily hours spent on development work. Rally Time Tracker also features a Sum of Time Spent option. This allows the tracking of total hours spent on stories or defects, including time on tasks associated with stories and defects.

Some of the benefits of Time Tracking allow you to:

  • Enter hours retroactively
  • Multiple users can enter time against the same task, defect, or story
  • Navigate to previous/next week in timesheet view
  • Add or remove existing Rally task, defect, story, project as a timesheet entry
  • View daily and weekly totals
  • View and update tasks to dos from timesheet
  • Personal timesheet report (PDF) for current or past week
  • Automatically populate timesheet with tasks owned by current user
  • Scope timesheet content to the current workspace

Use the optional Rally Time Tracker module in several places:

  • My Home → Timesheet page where team members can enter the hours they spent on development work daily and update their tasks to dos. This page provides one interface to enter hours (hours spent so far and hours remaining on tasks).
  • Reports → Add New (Report Designer) shows a timesheet report type for organizers to generate aggregate reports on time spent by their team. Using custom fields on stories and defects to record accounting codes allow sophisticated reporting by accounting codes.
  • The Task Detail page has a read-only Time Spent field that shows the total of all hours reported in timesheets for the task. This field is used in the Report Designer to calculate the total number of hours spent on defects and stories.

Rally Time Tracker provides Web Services API access (TimeEntry and TimeEntryValue objects) to integrate time data tracked in Rally with other time and attendance systems.

Note: Existing customers currently using the task Actuals field to track development time and cost will find Rally Time Tracker a better solution for reporting time spent on calendar boundaries (days, weeks, months). To avoid developer confusion, hide the task Actuals field from view when you adopt Rally Time Tracker.

Track and report billable time includes the following:


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