Capistrano is a deployment tool written in Ruby. Using the Flowdock API Ruby Gem, you can send notification to a flow after deployment is finished by writing an appropriate task. Here's a simplified example that you can add to your Capistrano recipes.

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Showing deployed changes

If you're using Capistrano and Git, you can get a list of new commits in the deploy notification. The Flowdock notifier for Capistrano is available for both Capistrano 2.x and 3.x.

Capistrano 3.x

Install capistrano-flowdock either manually or by using Bundler.

Require the gem in your Capfile.

Then configure deploy.rb to match your project and flow.

Capistrano 2.x

Notifications for Capistrano 2.x are implemented in version 1.x of the capistrano-flowdock gem. Either install it manually or use bundler to manage dependencies.

To enable CA Flowdock notifications, require capistrano/flowdock in deploy.rb and configure the required settings to match your project and flow.


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