Bulk Delete

Perform bulk actions to delete, restore, and permanently delete work items.

Access bulk actions from the gear icon:

Users with editor permissions can delete and restore work items. For bulk restore, Recycle Bin entries checkboxes allow the selection of multiple entries at once:

All of the operations share a similar flow. Check the rows to affect and choose the bulk operation. A screen displays to confirm the action:

The confirmation message depends on what work items are being deleted or restored. For example:

  If you: This message displays:
Delete a defect suite Defect suites cannot be restored
Delete a portfolio item A summary page of related children
Restore items Associations with other work items may not be restored

Associations with other work items are restored as follows:

  If you restore: Then associations to:
Parent stories
  • Child stories, child tasks, test cases, and test runs are restored
  • Child defects are not restored
  • Predecessors and successors are not restored
Portfolio items Child stories or portfolio items are not restored

Confirm the action. A progress bar displays as the operation completes:

If errors occur during the operation, the progress bar displays a red indicator and lists the issues. Hover over any of the errors to show more information.


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